.nu domains used to be sold by the island state of Niue. But since 2013, it's been in the hands of Sweden, which is one of the most perfect examples of digital colonialism.

Like all other countries that have top-level domains, they see it as a national asset. Through an NGO administering the sales of domains, Niue was able to raise significant funds for internet infrastructure. That was until 2013.

However, as .nu domains grew in popularity in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they wanted the TLD for themselves. Sweden's Internet Foundation now owns the domain and the government of Niue had their case dismissed at Stockholm's District Court in 2020, causing them to have to pay $36,000 in legal costs.


The CFP for 2022 is out! BornHack 2022 will take place from the 3rd to the 10th of August 2022 on the island of Funen in Denmark. bornhack.dk/bornhack-2022/prog

'The Flemish Scrollers' is software automatically tagging distracted Belgian politician when they use their phone on the daily livestreams. This with the help of AI. Results are posted on Twitter @FlemishScroller and IG TheFlemishScrollers
https://driesdepoorter.be/theflemishscrollers https://t.co/kwzcn2DjfB »

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Hello! I want to run a #Mastodon instance with some friends. We have hardware that we own collectively, and we use a mix of docker and ansible scripts (something I'm not too familiar with still).

We are thinking of running the #Hometown fork. I would appreciate tips or examples on how to #SelfHost using #docker, and administration tips on limiting disk usage for example - we run Matrix and other services on the same hardware.

Boosts appreciated.

Self-hosted and Open Source Doodle-alternative app Rallly (3 Ls) has gotten its first major upgrade, Rallly 2.0 - any experiences with this?

So far, it looks great, even better than Doodle: blog.rallly.co/posts/new-versi

Django Day Copenhagen 2022 was fantastic! Thanks to everyone for coming and making this happen!

For now, you can replay the entire day's stream, and soon we'll have the individual talk recordings up, too. youtube.com/watch?v=Mz4LvT7JHO

Tomorrow, April 8th, we are hosting Django Day Copenhagen 2022, and you can stream everything! Hoping to meet other djangonauts here in the Fediverse 😍 2022.djangoday.dk/

Cool stuff:

* Theme updates
* LibreOffice updates
* Python 3.10 and Postgres 14
* Gnome 42

Perhaps disappointing that PipeWire didn't replace Pulse Audio, have heard very promising things about it.

I like the new Yaru theme color customization: discourse.ubuntu.com/t/yaru-ac

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This is hopefully the start of a long and exciting journey into Mastodon and away from the (mis)information chaos on Twitter.

What are your favorite blog posts about Fediverse => Twitter bridges and recipes that have helped people to abandon Twitter?


We are an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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