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I don't read French so I'm assuming every toot is a demand for a public sex forest

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Utopia based on around small autonomous communities that form based on shared values. They interface with eachother but don't effect the internal workings of others.

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That's the one! If you do dip in its probably worth skipping the introductions as they are really reflections on how the book has aged and don't make much sense to read first.

@dredmorbius @temporal

Ever read bolo'bolo? If you think the fediverse is interesting you'll probably like it at birds eye view. Some of the implementation details are a little eyebrow raising...

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Hmm I moved servers but never tried this with my old account. Is there any think I should think about if I'm not using a fresh account. More of a merge?

@yaxu sounds good, I feel like information on notable things will always be easy to find so not very helpful anyway.

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The Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralised Organising

a mega list of handbooks and toolkits
for groups working without top-down management
from social movements to workplaces
open source for anyone to read, update, share

#HowTo #OpenSource #MutualAid


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Where do you place this women


She's very willing to commit violence but doesn't seem especially motivated by a particular ideology more a sense of annoyance or entitlement.

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You're in the ambiguous area of writing which could either be; Anarchy is the only answer, all power corrupts or radical centrism, we need to replace these idealogues with benevolent technocrats, horseshoe theory, etc.

@pixouls not sure if the glue is good for your skin long term but duct tape is better than plasters because it's slippy against the inside of your shoe/sock.


- @Immediatism : essays provocative and incendiary
- 12 rules for what : anti fascism, the internet, etc
- ACFM : acid communism
- into the zone : borders, racism, cybernetics, art, religion
- death // sentence : pretentious books and heavy music

> Web pages have structures for text layout and content flow, and structural elements (like checkboxes and links) that inherently respond to mouse clicks. There is a built-in standard mechanism *the so-called DOM*


@pixouls I'd just dump them into files if I wanted an archive but didn't want to maintain the ability to be contacted via that account any more. 🤷‍♀️

@Hyolobrika @kawaiipunk having not fleshed out the entire workings of capitalism in one toot is not the gotcha you think it is.

@loke @futzle

I think you're asking how much does design work cost not how much does web development cost. Maybe don't do any design work and just agree on a template for a SSG or something.

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