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Imagine a piece of tissue paper.

Coat it with cyanotype chemicals.

Fold it into an origami crane.

Let it be a crane for a while, in any place with a bit of light. Ignore it, play with it, whatever.

After a while, unfold it. Develop.

You'll get an image.

The image is the memory of it's experience as an origami crane.

Repeat. Every crane's experience - and hence every image - will be unique.

Here's 4 out of the >750 I've made so far.

#blueprint #origami #orizuru #metamorphogram #memory

There are toots doing the rounds strongly urging you to donate to a crowd-funder for Mastadon Development to offset costs associated with the huge influx of new users.
But aren't those costs primarily being incurred by the owners / admins of the Mastadon servers that us newbies are joining?!
The federated nature of Mastadon surely means that costs are also not centralised!?
I'm not saying don't contribute to development, by all means do that too. But yeah, donate to your servers first maybe!

Hi all, I am a design researcher working on a PhD at TU Delft. Interested in sustainability, posthumanism, experimentation

Is there a way to read toots from a different mastodon instance without migrating?

Impressive Figma alternative for designers. It's open source too!

#ux #uxdesign #figma #design

Today I had another play with the #MastodonAPI:

My @Raspberry_Pi Zero W is connected to a #Pimoroni Inky Developer E Ink display.

A #Python script then grabs the latest media posts either from my own, or from the public timeline.

The image is then displayed inside the TV, while its ALT description is scaled in size to be shown inside the speech bubble.

The buttons allow to navigate between posts and media attachments.

#RaspberryPi #making #MyMakes

Following someone who boosts a lot of stuff, but you only really care about their original posts?

You can hide their boosts in the settings

f(x,y) = (-(((20 - y) + (-y)) ^ (~(x & x)))) % 10

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Twitter is the closest that the world has to a transnational public sphere. Partly, this is a function of the site’s structure, which is public first and private second - Nanjala Nyabola

[Open call🔊] We seek researchers, journalists & digital rights groups to tell stories about companies influencing election processes worldwide.

☑️Apply to get support & training, funding up to 1000€ and the chance to publish your research.

Open call for participants! 👄 🤖 🌚 December 10th, together with @anglk we will run a workshop on ancestral data, artificial voice and vocal doppelgangers.

fediverse meta, bleah 

there are many many people out here (myself included) for whom the fediverse has been personally, socially and even—yes—professionally important for years and years. mastodon's not a tabula rasa, and if you're a newcomer, i guarantee that folks on here have been thinking about the fediverse's problems and their potential solutions wayyy longer than you have. i would invite you to consider the possibility that maybe those people are just as smart and clever as you are. awoo

This website runs on a solar powered server and will go offline during longer periods of bad weather:

The background is a battery meter & always display the relationship of the energy powering the website and the visitor traffic consuming it.


There are a number of non-confrontational ways you can deal with inconsiderate behavior on Mastodon. From softest to hardest:

😷 Tolerate, but don't boost

⏱ Temp mute: maybe they just need to get it out of their system

🤫 Word mute: maybe they're better if you just avoid that one topic

✂️ Unfollow: uninvited them your Home timeline

🤐 Permamute: drop them from all of your timelines

🙅 Block: keep them from interacting with you at all

⛔️ Server block: Them and what army?

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Ok this is loads of fun.. Live code youtube interface from Sang Won Lee and Jungho Bang:

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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