@impactology request to pay your part of the bill first (or do it beforehand at the counter) and then let them split the remaining costs.

I am lucky to have friends who put together an infinity mirror electronics kit just for me (featuring a flexible LED filament in the center) 😍 it’s like magic!

In case you don’t believe the same equations govern #motion in the #atmosphere and the #ocean.

Video by Tristan Heth in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

time! I'm Alecs, a digital hacktivist from Romania.

I do software development. I think a lot about licensing as well, , and how to keep enthusiastic open-source work from being weaponized.

I do advocacy for as well as community work to create safe spaces for folks to engage with technology.

My personal hell is gatekeeping in tech and I strive to build gardens with the wood from all the gates I shatter.

@impactology For crochet, it was a bit organized. I followed this syllabus - craftyminx.typepad.com/craftym . The other fiber arts like embroidery, e-textiles, cross-stitch and sewing it’s all random re. To get the skill, I start with simple projects like sewing a cushion cover ya embroidering flowers using easy stitches. Then slowly I increase the complexity of the project based on my ability to improvise on new techniques etc. I mostly try to keep my techniques easy so that others can figure out how I do it.

@impactology I’m self-taught in fiber arts, learned from YouTube videos, craft books with patterns, and magazine tutorials.

Where my peeps at? Let’s put it to a little test: How do you react to this word ‘Avakaya’?

I am curating a talk on #TelecomBill from networks and protocols perspective. This talk by Vivek Jathanna of Exotel looks into different transport layer and application layer protocols of telecom infrastructure. If you are in Bangalore, come tomorrow.

I was made aware today that #electronics #design isn't impossible to do as a #blind person.
I'm really excited since I've always wanted to build a Raspberry Pi based PDA for my self but never knew if I could pull it off alone.
I'll ask for a #breadboard and #Arduino kit for #christmas and I'll start messing around with this!

You know, maybe I should do an intro post since I think we have some new followers here on 🐘 that were not previously following us on 🐤 .

Hi! I'm Carrie Sundra, I have a small not-VC-backed bootstrapped manufacturing business called Alpenglow Industries. There's me, one FTE Robyn, and @Leeborg and @ishotjr pitch in some hours in here and there.

1/many, keep clicking through

#introduction Hello! I'm Raghav from Mumbai, India

I'm researching & working towards building open education tools, platforms & environments to assist self-directed learning & new ways of teaching, learning via unique properties of computing medium

Would involve coming up with new framework & theory, taking the form of a workbook for designers with exercises on ways to conceive novel UI concepts, patterns, conventions, paradigms for tools to assist self-directed learning

@impactology which instance are you using the most? Is it black Twitter or masto social?

@impactology Hii Raghav! Soo sorry I missed all your messages, patha nahin kaise. Thank you re.. I tried to cover as much intro detail as possible. Condensing text has never been an issue for me, but writing large chunks of text is where I struggle the most 😅 I just read yours and it’s great! And don’t worry, we have very different strengths :)

@solderandchaos I’m also getting ready to do some lino carving! Nice to know I have company :)

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