Join us in the Weedweavers Gatherings!
They will be free and held in a virtual space called

Together with mariëlle verdijk I was invited by New Emergences ( to develop a project for the festival Abandon Normal Devices in Liverpool (online) ( We are preparing Weedweavers, in search of an AlgaeRithm. explore feminist and non-traditional science practices, myths, recipes and stories of ports through organisms like algae.

In two Gatherings (18 & 25 June) we will collect and share stories, rituals, recordings and drawings with everyone who wants to join! In the end we will weave together a net of experiences and visualise it together with Laura Spark. On 9th of July there will be a final live performance.

For the first Gathering we have invited Geraldine Reid (Lead Curator of Botany, Geology & Science at Liverpool’s World Museum) and community gardener Andrea Ku to share their knowledge and experiences regarding seaweed, beach combing and collectivity. marielle will introduce us to the recipe of 'breathing spheres'.

For the second gathering Andrea Ku will join us again together with Emma Marsh, an archaeology student. Gabrielle Barros Martins, a performer and therapist, will guide us in a breathing meditation.

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