Next weekend Varia will host a meeting on feminist servers as part of a series called Feminist Hack Meetings.

Let's talk about feminist servers! In this meeting, we invite you to discuss questions like:
What does it mean for a server to be feminist, and how could it look like? What and who does it serve? What does it take to create and maintain it?
We would like to map and draw collectively our ideas and consider the possibility of setting up a feminist server at Varia, as a base for our practice.
We will bring material (like RPis and computers) to start experimenting and trying things out.
Join us!

@anglk I love that you used an Amiga for that picture.

(an Amiga 1000, with sidecar, and modem.)

If you're not aware, there were chips with female names - Agnes, Paula, Denise - which were integral to the Amiga and what made it unique.

@anglk Oooh this is interesting!

Just to alert you though, the link doesn't work.

@Gina @anglk

Thanks for pointing that out!
It seems some garbage was added at the end of the url?

Working link:

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