Open Call for contributions

Eclectic Tech Carnival 2019

8 - 13 October in Athens, Greece

Halt and Catch Fire

/ETC is a gathering of feminists, who critically use/study/share/improve everyday information technologies in the context of the free software and open hardware movements.

We strongly believe that an empowering event is one in which everyone actively contributes to its realization. For this reason, we would love to receive plenty of suggestions for activities, presentations, workshops etcetera.

We invite you, women and FNTI persons (females, non-binaries, trans, intersexuals) to kindly submit your proposal by Monday, 2 September 2019, at whatever time zone is comfortable for you.

Please send an email to this address:

Looking forward to seeing you in Athens!

More information for the open call:


Hello, it's great that ETC is happening this year and I wish I could go.

As a native english speaker, I think it would be better to translate FNTI as "Women, non-binary, trans and intersex". I know it breaks the acronym, but there's some subtle political stuff around trans exclusion. (Plus 'frauen' and 'femmes' translates as 'women', not as 'female'.) It's a pain, but some people have weaponised the word 'female' against trans people, unfortunately.

Thanks and good luck!

The discussion around those terms is difficult and we have talked a lot about them. Thanks for the comment. I will forward it.


I appreciate that and adding language issues just complicated things further. It's my understanding that FNTA is mostly used in German speaking countries and basically means 'no cis men', but in more affirmative phrasing. Thus, as a part of this affirmation, one needs to be absolutely clear that the 'T' refers to trans masculine people (not trans women, who are definitely women), or else the acronym ends up working counter to it's intended purposes.


Thanks for listening.

I went to ETC in 2007 and it was great. I met my best friend there.

@celesteh @anglk
Thanks for taking the time to respond. It would be great to see you at an /ETC again!
I think the problem we are dealing with is that there are different wordings and different conflicts in different languages and places. The women in the organizing group in Greece checked with a number of different people to make sure they phrased the call to be inclusive, but if you have a different understanding of it from your experiences, that is important to know too.
We are just discussing it on the mailing list now.

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Trans pol 

Trans pol 

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