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@crickxson Nice toot, @ccl @alcstrt and me will also join the zine fair fun in Paris! Bringing a set of Varia publications along :think_starry_eyes: 📄 📚 🖥️

One more ugly poster for my portfolio, hoping to have a nice chat session today!

Not truly working on my project but at least I'm making gifs...? Also, is this gif even working here?

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Open Day / Open House!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Experimental Publishing Master at the Piet Zwart Institute* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)


Winjhaven 61, 4th floor
3011 WJ Rotterdam

Proud of this work for open day + house, created under strict supervision of @320x200 Come chat with us on February 9th!

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Looking at 1980's through statistics. By Paula and Doru Segall.

Un film despre și datele care îl cuprindeau în 1980. De Paula şi Doru Segall.

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Special Issue 07
Start up 📈 , Burn out 📉: Life Hacks 📌

Thursday December 13, 19:30-21:30 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in with under the influence of and guru @entreprecariat!

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Dear ${USER},

XPUB Master is open for applications!

We focus on ${TRENDING_MEMES}, our staff includes ${GREAT_TUTORS}
and we regularly collaborate with ${OBVIOUS_NAME_DROPPING_IS_OBVIOUS}.

Non-EU + EU priority Deadline: 01.03.19


Adapting this to a present day treatise on the fraudulent sophistications of meal replacements might possibly be my jam.

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It's happening right now in Groningen! Signs and banners as a response to the topic 'happiness' that Let's Grow festival promotes.

Somehow I’ve ended up spending my day being increasingly horrified by this.

Hard to believe there was still a tinge of hope coming from Romania, but there ya’ have it! Today was a good day.

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Just programmatically generated this 37 page PDF flip book from a video of the Terminator 2 shotgun bike scene! Ready to print, cut, fold and flip in only a few minutes: from Big up pdftk pdfnup pdfjam imagemagick #zinemachines @alcstrt @anglk

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