A bachelor’s cupboard containing crumbs culled from the cupboards of the great unwedded. Only one small sample of what you can find by scrolling through the amazing collection of American cookbooks on archive.org.

Dystopian 1962 pro-DDT essay from Monsanto 

In 1962, Monsanto released an essay called “The Desolate Year” describing an entire year in the US without the use of pesticides (DDT in particular), in which “the garotte of nature rampant began to tighten”. Worth a read for the gripping description of the destruction of (female) monstrous bugs and the final reports on DDT as a life saver. iseethics.files.wordpress.com/

The latest meal replacement gem I stumbled upon today - Calorie Mate, a Japanese product with a packaging that really stresses me out.

Just got the Feminist Finance Zine from Amateur Cities & The Institute of Network Cultures and I’m well impressed!

I’ve extended the deadline for the quarantine food zine until the 26th of April, so if you have something to share, share away! zine.alicestrete.me/

On the 8th of Feb, Hackers and Designers together with Read-in, me and @anglk will host a workshop on feminist strategies for searching in library catalogs @ the h&d studio in Amsterdam. More info here —-> hackersanddesigners.nl/s/Event

Excited to see that my over/under code art will be in the first issue of code::art journal, just came across this on their Twitter. Looking fwd to the print version! code-art.xyz/

Excerpts taken from Bangkok Real Estate Advertising, publication from the Dream Property exhibition by Miti Ruangkritya at Bangkok CityCity Gallery

Windows 10 needs an update in front of Rotterdam Centraal

Misiunea Spațială Delta, an animated SF Romanian film from 1984, will be screened at BOZAR Brussels on Monday 28th, with soundrack by Rodion G.A. europalia.eu/en/events/rodion-

Meal replacements front and center in French supermarkets

Phone Relief 1993 ad teaching important lessons on gender roles and hands-free phone usage.

#xpub #hell 

Upsetting Settings is happening, come hell or high water or burning computers.

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