Misiunea Spațială Delta, an animated SF Romanian film from 1984, will be screened at BOZAR Brussels on Monday 28th, with soundrack by Rodion G.A. europalia.eu/en/events/rodion-

Phone Relief 1993 ad teaching important lessons on gender roles and hands-free phone usage.

#xpub #hell 

“Onno en ik zijn allebei wel een beetje nerds. Dus bedenken hoe je dingen kan optimaliseren vinden we gewoon leuk.”
Meal replacements have arrived in Rotterdam, I warned y’all.

One more ugly poster for my portfolio, hoping to have a nice chat session today!

Not truly working on my project but at least I'm making gifs...? Also, is this gif even working here?

Proud of this work for open day + house, created under strict supervision of @320x200 Come chat with us on February 9th!

Adapting this to a present day treatise on the fraudulent sophistications of meal replacements might possibly be my jam.

Somehow I’ve ended up spending my day being increasingly horrified by this.

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