Watching from home <3
Many thanks @lgm for organizing a program and live stream!

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For all the people at this weekend. If you are interested in and discussions and presentation, come join us at the meeting this year, in Rennes,

Our Call for Proposals just opened

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A couple of months ago I tooted looking for a vector grid-based editor. Nothing came up so we (Manufactura Independente) set out to make one.

It still has a set of kinks, but it's usable to the point that we've been using it to make a few designs.

We plan to release it in Feb/Mar under a free software copyleft license (AGPL). It runs on the browser with no server-side logic and no tracking.

If you'd like to try the beta and tell us about your experience, that'd be fab! Just reply to this toot and we'll get in touch.

@wendy @rlafuente Hi! We just saw that the talk recording is up at
We started a text too since LGM was a great opportunity to have feedback and a lot of meaningful conversations. But we need a push to finish and publish. Keep pressing please :)

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rant lgm 

We are still suffering from, what I'm going to call, the Lenna problem in some #lgm presentations.

Let's stop using sexualized images of women in presentations. It does not serve the project nor the community in any way.


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freieFarbe is a nonprofit working on free color standards, references and tools based on CIELAB. even their color atlasses are CC licenced! #lgm19 #lgm2019 #lgm @lgm

Super cool extension to trace bitmap on Inkscape, using the centerline of stroke! Get it here:

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Many small curves to inspect how different tools draw them. From the research on *splines* by Ralph Levien.

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Help us put this account on the front page of the by boosting this toot. 😜

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Saw Eylul's presentation at #lgm it was really interesting.

Point was about her experiences with teaching students concepts instead of software, and in particular more about modifying tools and seeing the computer as one that can be modified too. Which was important when the students were doing something as technical as photography.

#libregraphicsmeeting #lgm19

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@raphaelbastide @despens @xuv @crickxson @Ludi I think Raphael listed the main reasons. I guess the implementation of @font-face also played an important role. Being able to use any font in the web was good motivation to create and liberate fonts because more people could use/see them. It was also probably the main reason for google to get into type.

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