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1/3‼️New #rayshader update (v0.30.0)! And it's a big one: Trees, 3D buildings, and OBJ support!

Now you can visualize important questions like: What would the National Mall look like if we replaced the Washington Monument with Barad-dûr, Sauron's dark tower? 😀

#RStats #dataviz #rayrender

🎧 What Tech Calls Thinking with Adrian Daub 



Great conversation about the role of language in Silicon Valley ideology 👌

I just discovered the backlog of the Radical Science podcast by @gemmamilne & lawrence yolland


Call for Abstracts – Journal Of Imaginary Research
Each submission consists of:
1. A title for your (fictional) study
2. A 200-word imagined (fictional) research abstract
3. A 100-word imagined (fictional) researcher biography
4. An image
Deadline Friday 2nd December, 2022

Calling all Designers in OSS!

The CFP for the open source design devroom for FOSDEM 2023 is out.

Visit the discourse to learn more:

Please RT!
Deadline is 5 Dec. 2022

Call for creative commissions on ARTICULATING DATA - please share widely!

#Linux talk 

TIL a cool feature in : "Refresh OS". There's a recovery partition kept up to date so you can revert to a fresh install of everything but home/ pretty quickly.

This morning my audio stopped working, and now I just have a few things to reinstall with all configs, current work, etc, still in place 🥲 :unwanted_thumb:

Le Maitron arrive !

Plus de 224.000 notices de militantes et militants du mouvement ouvrier et du mouvement social, consultables gratuitement ici :

#Histoire #HistoireSociale

"Your mom ..." insult 

📷 Delighted to randomly find this again. Taken in 2014 at Z33 in Hasselt BE.

Compile a Child by Shane Hope, a series of children's drawings from the future

Open call for five theme-based fellowships of a duration of ten months from September 2023 to June 2024 at AIAS and SHAPE @ Aarhus university

The call is open for researchers of any nationality and from all academic disciplines with research profiles within the thematic scope of the call.  The target group of the programme is talented researchers at all career stages with minimum a PhD at the time of application deadline. Deadline: 1 Feb 2023

What is SHAPE:
SHAPE – Shaping Digital Citizenship is a research centre which aims to promote democracy and active citizenship in a world characterised by data and algorithms. The goal is to generate knowledge at a high international level as well as contributing to the public debate, the business community and civil society.

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

Une introduction nuancée à la gestion des connaissances personnelles (PKM), avec des critiques argumentées, par David Benqué @air_pump

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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