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Our example Nginx config now includes:

add_header Permissions-Policy interest-cohort=();

To opt out of Google's FLoC Network. We encourage instance admins to make this change.
#FlocOff #CleanUpTheWeb

@air_pump @aral The big gotchas with switching to Codium from VS Code are:

1. Remote editing doesn't work, as it proprietary Microsoft stuff.

2. Extensions gallery is different and doesn't have all the extensions and themes. (It has a lot of important ones, but not all.)

There's a workaround to switch the extensions gallery for those who want 100% extension parity (except for remote stuff). It recently landed in Codium.

Details @ the PR:

馃洜锔 Seamless transition from VSCode to Codium.

1. Install

2. Copy 2 folders:
~/.vscode/extensions 鉃★笍

~/.config/Code/User 鉃★笍

Full instructions by @aral

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鈭 node (prononcer Pi node) est une radio qui 茅met en DAB+ 脿 Paris et Mulhouse, et sur le web. Port茅e par un collectif d鈥檃rtistes et structur茅e sur un mod猫le distribu茅 unique en son genre, elle produit et diffuse des contenus vari茅s et exigeants, et essaime par l鈥檌nterm茅diaire d鈥檃teliers et de formations aux outils de cr茅ation radio.

馃洜锔 Using recent laptop battery failure as an opportunity to nuke & pave and try out a new setup. Now on Ubuntu 20.04 on with Pop Shell

Some glitches but so far so good, nice to have vanilla with tiling. I was previously using (i3 + Gnome) which was fine but more fiddly.

Nettoyons le web !

D茅veloppeur路ses, il est temps pour vous de choisir son camp :: allez-vous aider 脿 d茅barasser le web du tracking qui attente 脿 notre vie priv茅e, ou d鈥檈n 锚tre complice ?


#CleanUpTheWeb #FlocOffGoogle

Someone in the #gemini Matrix room just posted this: it's a fantastic 'getting started' intro for non-tech people.

It's been a while since I've last given an update on Resin, but just today, I managed to finish implementing the UI. It definitely has some kinks that still need to be worked out but I don't expect the look to be changing much going forward!

More screenshots can be found here:

#Resin #pixelfed

馃洜锔 Yea , I don't think it was Linux that fried my X1's battery after not even a year 馃槈 馃憠 I did appreciate the 3 working day repair process tho

馃殌 Version 4.4 is live on!

This release introduces 馃摙锔 Broadcast, a new feature for instance administrators to announce planned maintenance, surveys, or custom messages.

馃毀 There was space for 2 figures in the paper but I over-diagrammed. The following 2 were not published. 馃毀

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馃攣 Loop 2/4: Phase portrait diagram
A loopy visualisation method re-implented from:
The 2nd picture is the same code, re-run on 31st March 2021, check how the axes exploded.

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馃摪 Back between UK Lockdowns 1 and 2 (around the 154th March 2020) I was commissioned by Jussi Parikka and Tony Sampson to make diagrams for their paper: The Operational Loops of a Pandemic
馃У 馃攣 馃憞锔

La release de cette semaine : Nous interviewons Monsieur X, charg茅 d'affaires secr猫tes sur le Minitel par diff茅rents minist猫res, dans le cadre des festivit茅s des 40 ans du Minitel. Dossier exceptionnel en 3 茅missions.

Sur @radiofmr et

Hey let鈥檚 mix a colour together to celebrate the !

Please add 1 Color on the poll below, i will mix the resulting color afterwards.
:hacker_b: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_o: :hacker_s: :hacker_t:

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