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alrighty, i'm starting "Bots as Digital Infrapunctures", a module by @ccl and @manetta


it's only beginning but it's already quite a curiosity to me.

"Informed by the work of scholar Bethany Nowviskie, Verhoeven asks for a rethinking of digital infrastructures in terms of capacity and care, by 'developing an appreciation for where it hurts, where the sense of pain is in the worlds that we inhabit and study' and creating small scale interventions which can enkindle transformation on a larger scale."

When I think of my discomfort with bots, I think of where it hurts, and with this frame, I wonder where this course will take me by the end of it.

I'll continue to share thoughts in this thread as I go through.

I am currently working on a CSS to sound live-coding system called Cascade. 💦 Watch a commented demo here:

📺 🎨 Last week we presented CryptPad at the @matrix meetup Open Tech Will Save Us #11 Art & Design edition

We are mirroring the video here:

Check past and future events on the OTWSU page:

Some of you know I've started a blog called FOSS Academic ( I'm exploring life as an academic who tries to use as much free and open source software as possible. You know, being a lonely humanities Linux user at a university.

I'm writing to solicit questions people might have about being a FOSS Academic. Or maybe to solicit comments on the FOSS Academic Lifestyle Dream. Not that I know all the things, but I'm curious what questions people have about this area, if any.

📺️ 🐙 Pinecones and Dendrites - P2P Matrix Progress
Introducing Pinecone: a new P2P overlay network for Matrix
by Neil Alexander

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Piqué sur le birdsite, ce meme en 3 images m'a fait beaucoup trop rire pour un sujet aussi spécifique.
🤣 😜 😂
Parce que le capitalisme est un cancer qui détruit la société et aussi la science.

(and of course, #SupportSciHub)
The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Thu, 11 Mar 2021 07:35:01 GMT)

Open Tech Will Save Us returns Wednesday for Art&Design edition! presents his open source art and show us how it's done, tells us about his design work at, plus Gaelle from on her recent VoIP UX improvements!

📺 🏠 📡 🏠 chezmoi: manage your dotfiles across multiple, diverse machines, securely.
by Tom Payne

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We recently cleaned up our translations. We removed some un-used text and moved the FAQ page to the documentation. Translating CryptPad is now easier for contributors, a good time to have a look at the few languages that were started but never finished:

For @air_pump
Here are two images of freshwater Belgian Lesse (river) mussels I took with my underwater macro camera. On one image, you have the incurrent and excurrent siphon
(looked up terminology).

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