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🇫🇷 📡 Table ronde “Déconstruire les algorithmes”
Mercredi 09.12 à Stéréolux [en ligne]
avec @RyBn Soizic Pénicaud et Tyler Reigeluth, modération par Frédérique Krupa

Merci à Estelle Harry pour l'invitation!


- on Linux
- using Firefox
- with uBlock Origin
- not paying
- no ads

ps: please pay artists directly

🇫🇷 🎧 :tape_array: :tape_array: :tape_array: Les mythes de la dématérialisation, épisode 1 : les datacenters (Partie 1)

Très bon podcast par @picasoft

VGC - A novel free/libre vector illustration/animation technology approach ( that solves a lot of things that are conceptually annoying/impossible in traditional vector graphics:

Tried the research demo at and was delighted to find a) something that works really well and b) does pretty much everything that's shown in the research videos/papers - and they put on quite a show in both their SIGGRAPH videos!

Like so many other gems, discovered this on <3

🇫🇷 🎧 Ils cherchent “les trucs bizarres qu’il y a dans vos téléphones” : rencontre avec des traqueurs de trackers

@exodus sur Le Code a Changé, podcast par Xavier de La Porte

💫➡️🖥️➡️📖 I had the pleasure of running Almanac Factory, an idiotic computing workshop, for XPUB students today. Fun was had with Jupyter notebooks with really interesting results in a short time. Thanks to @320x200 @automatist @manetta for the invitation, and props for self-hosting your remote education infrastructure!

The torrent for the final PDF and all the source/assets files of FLOSS+Art (2008), an edited collection of texts about Free/Libre Open Source Software () and and , is once again seeded!

Big thanks to @hellocatfood who motivated me to do so :)

'A diagram is a perfect visual schema for posing impossible things, invisible forces, enigmas like the future—all posed as perfectly plausible vectors.'
'Was the diagram also a form of violence?'

Notes on the Diagram
Amy Sillman

🦄🇬🇧💸 My Little Crony

A visualization of the connections between Tory politicians and companies being awarded government contracts during the pandemic, based on reporting by openDemocracy, Byline Times, and more.

By Sophie E. Hill, political science PhD student at Harvard

I kinda love everything about this project by Joel Galvaez: the aim (bringing a shared event calendar out of fb), the design, the Figma screencast in the about

CrypPad v3.24.0 is live on with release notes available on GitHub (

It features a number of bug fixes, templates for spreadsheets, and an improved loading screen UI. #privacy

📢 Call for Applications
Freeport 1: Meme Manifesto

A laboratory on memes as hyperstitional technology, between identity politics and conspiracy theories (led by Clusterduck)

I am absolutely floored by the Ethical Web and Consentful Communications panels at #w3cTPAC. I hope the recordings are easily available cos there are so many people I want to share these with. Visions of hope for a better Web!

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