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↪️ 👀 🐷 Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police

I was a bit disappointed by Paolo Cirio's recent attempt, whose sole purpose seemed to get shut down. (was enraged at the shut down itself too obvs. esp. FR interior minister censoring an art exhibit). Good to learn of other similar projects out there.

🎧 Blockbuster and Enron and Chill
- RIP Corp episode 1

Happy to learn that Ingrid Burrington is starting a new podcast.

New Extractivism · Assemblage of concepts & allegories. New map/essay by Vladan Joler .. Online at "Time Out of Joint" exhib. entirely taking place on the Darknet ..

👉🏻 http://fjroxjgxhmd2ymp2.onion/artist-vladan-joler.html

Wow the UI improvements in @joplinapp 1.2.6 are 👌 :1000: 🤩 ! (website still has old screenshots)

'To create idiotic speculators, we suggest the building of speculative machines that encourage idiotic speculation. Such machines, designed properly, are like a computer terminal for financial speculators, but for idiotic speculators.'

Guggenheim, M., Kräftner, B. and Kröll, J. (2017) ‘Creating idiotic speculators; Disaster cosmopolitics in the sandbox’, in Wilkie, A., Savransky, M., and Rosengarten, M. (eds) Speculative Research. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 145–162.

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✨➡️📦➡️🔮 Idiotic Kernels

I gave a talk at XPUB this morning (Experimental Publishing MA @ Piet Zwart Institute).

We discussed and in particular the use of Jupyter Notebooks to develop the project. I argued that they might be used to open up the potential for **idiotic** computing.

Thanks @320x200 & @manetta for having me!

Wine infused writing is going well: I have the idiot (from Deleuze and Stengers) searching for answers on Stack Overflow. Good Night

🌐 The website for Scrolling the Arcane is online. It replicates the dome of the Porto Planetarium where the show is taking place.

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BTW first bit of writing since the thesis and I definitely have PhD PTSD.

(not to make light of actual PTSD)

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Looking briefly into Adobe Sensei for a thing I'm writing and WOW Adobe is now a data analytics company?! Obvious I guess but I hadn't seen the glorious detail of their AI bullshit-speak. I'll come back to this 👀

✨ 📘 ✨ Very happy that my is part of Scrolling the Arcane, a show curated by Joana Pestana in the dome of the Porto Planetarium.

Hey all, happy to announce that NODE Vol 02 is out featuring 180 pages of articles and interviews about P2P and open hardware projects, with an updated Open Source Directory and new Meshnet Atlas! Download a digital version for free or preorder a hard copy

CryptPad v3.22.0 (WoollyMammoth) is now live on Its release notes are available on GitHub at


For now it mainly consists of an account:

and my old Instagram which I renamed:

Eventually I'd like to host Diagramstagram, a Pixelfed instance dedicated to diagrams. But that will take a while.

In the meantime I will mirror the Instagram to this fine instance. (I already mirror to as I want the Instagram to be as disposable as possible)

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I'm "rebranding" my independent research and practice going forward to: The Institute of Diagram Studies. This will include projects, publications, and any other slow burners I manage on the side of my full-time job.

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