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✨➡️📦➡️🔮 Idiotic Kernels

I gave a talk at XPUB this morning (Experimental Publishing MA @ Piet Zwart Institute).

We discussed and in particular the use of Jupyter Notebooks to develop the project. I argued that they might be used to open up the potential for **idiotic** computing.

Thanks @320x200 & @manetta for having me!

Wine infused writing is going well: I have the idiot (from Deleuze and Stengers) searching for answers on Stack Overflow. Good Night

🌐 The website for Scrolling the Arcane is online. It replicates the dome of the Porto Planetarium where the show is taking place.

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BTW first bit of writing since the thesis and I definitely have PhD PTSD.

(not to make light of actual PTSD)

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Looking briefly into Adobe Sensei for a thing I'm writing and WOW Adobe is now a data analytics company?! Obvious I guess but I hadn't seen the glorious detail of their AI bullshit-speak. I'll come back to this 👀

✨ 📘 ✨ Very happy that my is part of Scrolling the Arcane, a show curated by Joana Pestana in the dome of the Porto Planetarium.

Hey all, happy to announce that NODE Vol 02 is out featuring 180 pages of articles and interviews about P2P and open hardware projects, with an updated Open Source Directory and new Meshnet Atlas! Download a digital version for free or preorder a hard copy

CryptPad v3.22.0 (WoollyMammoth) is now live on Its release notes are available on GitHub at


For now it mainly consists of an account:

and my old Instagram which I renamed:

Eventually I'd like to host Diagramstagram, a Pixelfed instance dedicated to diagrams. But that will take a while.

In the meantime I will mirror the Instagram to this fine instance. (I already mirror to as I want the Instagram to be as disposable as possible)

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I'm "rebranding" my independent research and practice going forward to: The Institute of Diagram Studies. This will include projects, publications, and any other slow burners I manage on the side of my full-time job.

@air_pump @sylvia_fredriksson Et pour chez nous, Mellie et Lénaïc qui ont également participé aux échanges !

🔊🇫🇷 Design & Attention : Captation des esprits

Conversation fascinante sur avec entre autres @sylvia_fredriksson, et

Today and tomorrow, some freshly graduated students will present at the wild state in as part of an programme created and hosted by the Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung.

The presentations are streamed online:

@pedrosaclout Tactical is an online republishing platform that exists in both the clear and dark web, exploring topics such as anonymity, paywalls, archives and provenance through digital watermarks.

@estragon Syster Papyri Magicae is a web-based project that unfolds the phenomenon of exclusions in male-dominated tech environments, aiming to discuss and activate feminist practices that respond to this issue.

@r1ta Networks of Care offers a collection of user guidelines for you to browse, dissect and analyse. Delve into the conversations with different members and find useful templates, resources, and experiments. Let’s explore the networks of care generated together.

Full scheduled at

If you can't attend but want to check out the projects, visit

Our documentation is now available in German (as well as English and French). Many thanks to the contributors who volunteered to translate!
To translate another language please get in touch or submit a request on Weblate:

Yesterday we announced the first version of our documentation, now online at Some more details on this. 👇

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