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Our documentation is now available in German (as well as English and French). Many thanks to the contributors who volunteered to translate!
To translate another language please get in touch or submit a request on Weblate:

Yesterday we announced the first version of our documentation, now online at Some more details on this. 👇

🎶🚀 I made this patch for my friend Nelly Ben Hayoun and her International Space Orchestra back when Minneapolis was burning and Elon was sending rockets into space.

Wherever you go - The Avalanches & ISO. Music video:

SETI Press Release:

'The Ofqual algorithm was the technical embodiment of a deeply political idea: that a person is only as good as their circumstances dictate.'

📰 Louise Amoore on the algorithmic foreclosure of young futures. The Guardian

We spent a lot of time recently writing documentation since it's become more difficult to balance our regular duties against the need to answer support tickets, emails, and GitHub issues.

You can find the first version of our public docs site at

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It's been some time since our last release, but CryptPad v3.21.0 (VietnameseRhinoceros) is now available on Its source and release notes can be found on GitHub (

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📘 Data Justice and COVID-19: Global Perspectives.

Meatspace Press
Book for purchase or pay-what-you-want PDF download

Yes PhD theses are hard but have you every tried writing software documentation?

Anyone know a good basic intro to photography, aperture, shutter speed, etc? preferably video tutorials

📺 ⚠️ developer Omar Roth stepping away from open source. 😔

Get your user data from the instance before Sept. 1st

WebDrop uses public @WebTorrentApp Trackers for discovering devices and sharing files too!

http://WebDrop.Space is just a static website and the transfer happens with the max speed peer to peer !

Source code :

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"Securely and anonymously share files of any size. A web server is started, making OnionShare accessible as a Tor Onion Service, potentially temporarily or in a stealthy manner, over the Internet. An unguessable address is generated and is shared for the recipient to open in the Tor Browser to download the files. No separate server or third party file-sharing service required. You host the files on your own computer."

There's a GUI, but the CLI is so good, just `onionshare somestuff.bin` and you get a temporary onion service serving a static password protected website with the file made available. By default once the file has been downloaded, everything shuts down.

🎧 🇫🇷 Le patriarcat contre la planète.

Écoféminisme avec Jeanne Burgart-Goutal.
📻 Les couilles sur la table

:www_server: 🚀 Starship
"The minimal, blazing-fast, and infinitely customizable prompt for any shell!"

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