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Algorithmic Anxiety in Contemporary Art: A Kierkegaardian Inquiry into the Imaginary of Possibility [TOD#33]

People: abolish the police!

McKinsey: militarise the work-place!

this mural that just went up in west philly <3
artist: jeremiah francis


Je découvre le projet qui raconte les discriminations dans les écoles d’art et design en France.

Voilà du design participatif. N’hésitez pas.

Rage Against the Machine Learning.

📖👀 Engines of Order; A Mechanology of Algorithmic Techniques
Bernhard Rieder

if I were posting a radical list of demands, I too would also definitely use the ultimate anarchist publisher of our time, (checks notes) ... medium dot com

Si jamais quelqu'un a sous le coude une version numérisée de "Radio Alice, Radio libre", par le Collectif A Traverso (Jean-Pierre Delarge, 1977), préface de Félix #Guattari, je suis à sa recherche ! :)

📺 Stay Safe, Stay Secure: Practical Security Strategies for Protesters and Organizers.

🏰 Babycastles Twitch

aaaand another automated email from the University's finance dept. with a 15 day ultimatum for tuition fees I do not owe. I submitted my thesis 4 months ago.

Higher Education is basically findom at this point.

🎧 “l’intelligence artificielle reproduit des versions stéréotypées du passé”. Ma conversation au petit dèj avec les copains de Vraiment Vraiment

Implicancies #12.4

What energy is there after damage is done? How do we de-normalize and destabilize damage, rather than trying to fix it? A response to the workshop "Queering Damage" by our guest @hp

04.06.20 16:00 CEST/UTC+2

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