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CryptPad v3.12.0 (Megaloceros) is live on and tagged on GitHub!

Users can now delete pad and account history to save space and easily make copies of pads in their drive. See the release notes on GitHub for details:!


📺 Rethinking reactivity
Rich Harris talking about the Svelte framework.

I've never used or , but I keep thinking about Harris' more general point that we should "make things more like spreadsheets" since I watched this.

HMU 0508dd63d50d0f9d597586599a6cacebf0f967d0d6b08d869186e868bbdff9e162

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👀 Session
a fork of Signal messenger that doesn't use phone numbers.

CryptPad v3.11.0 (LabradorDuck) is deployed to and released on GitHub.

Users can now opt-in to using "safe links" which remove the cryptographic keys from your address bar when possible. See our release notes for more info:

📃 ✊ Feminist Data Manifest-No

Cifor, M., Garcia, P., Cowan, T.L., Rault, J., Sutherland, T., Chan, A., Rode, J., Hoffmann, A.L., Salehi, N., Nakamura, L. (2019). Feminist Data Manifest-No. Retrieved from:

Hi, CryptPad Supporters and Subscribers. We are happy to announce that we have received a second @NGIZero grant for improving CryptPad. Check our funding update on OpenCollective:

📄 From Manchester to Barcelona
Ben Tarnoff in Logic Magazine

'The network for making wealth [...] relies on the engine for making difference. '

Designing for privacy is as much about preventing accidents as stopping bad actors.

Google indexes Trello boards and uncovers passwords, API keys, bank account information, and more.

“Artist-researchers Roel Roscam Abbing (@rra) and Aymeric Mansoux (@320x200) likewise critique universal openness in their analysis of an emerging internet infrastructure created by and for users: the #Fediverse.”

starting at 11:30am today #Transmediale

I'll be at this weekend if anyone wants to chat about @cryptpad

OW2 stand Saturday from 2pm to 4pm, and around until Sunday afternoon. see you there!

🎧 🌏 🐍 Climate change and your code

Talk Python podcast
(with a few interesting links in the show notes)

PhD Status: 🐉➡️☠️➡️⚰️➡️👀 (the thesis has been completed and submitted for examination).

FOSS politics [ - ] 

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