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Can't get over Github going deep-time.

"We imagine you have computers of your own, probably vastly more advanced than ours ... However, it's possible that you have inferior computers to ours, or even no computers at all."

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The guide that GitHub will include in their Arctic Code Vault is on GitHub, and accepting pull requests, until it gets written to hardened film reels.

There seem to be more details about their tiered approach:

🎧 🦠 🇫🇷 Bio Is The New Black #2 - Un regard sur le vivant, entretien avec Marie-Sarah Adenis

\cc @XavCC

Next week during @liaizon @lidia_p @320x200 and me are hosting a few workshops to introduce people to the fediverse.

"Welcome to the Federation" is a workshop and Q&A session for people new to or already part of the . We will cover concepts such as the server-client model; on-line federation; discussions of different servers and communities; and last but not least allow those new to the idea to sign up on the Fediverse. The workshops also deal with how to run or join a Fediverse community, the challenges of federated social networking, and the wider impact the Fediverse has on free software production and its culture. The workshops are meant to be informal and semi-structured to allow for different levels of engagement and experience from the participants, but will nonetheless offer a high level of understanding."

CryptPad 3.10.0 is live on and released on GitHub ( It introduces self-destructing pads and lots of spreadsheet improvements: viewing/editing for unregistered users, XLSX import/export, and more...


Comment financer le logiciel libre ? Une belle interview (plus d'une heure en version longue) avec @ldubost de @XWiki

Demain, Jeudi 16 à 11h @radiofmr et podcast

J'étais passée à coté de ce séminaire design et care au CNAM, mais toutes les videos sont en ligne.

Open Day / Open House!

The staff and students are welcoming prospective applicants! IRL FAQ, meet staff, meet students, maybe cookies (maybe).


Winjhaven 61, 4th floor
3011 WJ Rotterdam

👩‍🏫📗 Syllabus—Advanced Seminar: Feminist Data Science (Emory University) by Lauren Klein with Python notebooks by @aparrish

📺 Décolonisations
Three part documentary on Arte TV (in 🇫🇷 or 🇩🇪 with subtitles 🇬🇧 🇵🇱 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 )

🎧 👸 💸 The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast. About the OneCoin scam and Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

Il est beaucoup question de logiciel libre dans ce podcast, à mon agréable surprise. Contrats d'auteur•e•s inspirés par les licenses Framasoft, distribution, maison d'édition qui fonctionne sous Libre Office, etc... 🤓👌

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We've tagged CryptPad v3.9.0 on GitHub (

It includes relatively few bug fixes and features. Instead, we worked to simplify and standardize server configuration for the 300+ other admins hosting CryptPad.

🎧📖⚙️🇫🇷 La mécanique du livre

Un podcast dédié aux coulisses des métiers du livre.
Éditions du commun

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