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Human Computers & AAI Chess

👌 work and research documentation by @RyBn

📺 Matt Ward: The Life and Death of Critical and Speculative Design – »Critical By Design?« Conference

🍎 ➡️ 🐧 I like the way Evince shows you the actual OCR'd text with its mistakes when you select text. Apple Preview pretends all is well and good until you try to copy paste and then 🙃

Updated the repository for my recent work attempting to map Youtube recommendations.

:www_server: Architectures of Choice - Vol.1: Youtube


Special Issue 08 will be presented at in this coming Thursday 04.04.19 📡at 19:00!

Hello lurkers. I'm a designer and researcher from France, currently living/working in London. I'm currently writing my PhD (by practice) about algorithmic prediction as/with diagrams. I'm interested in critical and speculative practice, and looking to the Digital Humanities and Media Archaeology.

I follow a few of you already but I had the pleasure of meeting your BDFLs IRL and was granted an account. I am :hacker_d: :hacker_e: :hacker_l: :hacker_i: :hacker_g: :hacker_h: :hacker_t: :hacker_e: :hacker_d: to move my main to this instance.

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