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I gave a keynote at the Mixit conference in Lyon last night:
'Hyperland, a scam in n-dimensions' my adaptation of 'Flatland, a romance of many dimensions' to talk about data and machine learning.
Full write up coming soon.

Many thanks @ingrid and
for letting me borrow their diagrams.

the original Flatland:
Burrington's Theory of scamming:
Anthony's diagram of the vectorialist class:

#NowItsPersonal looks nice and simple for some quick diagramming at first, but then you try to export what you made as vectors and it's actually a 🔥 pile of 🗑️ .

OK, let's try to make this happen (again).

Enter THE POLL'S DILEMMA 2: Pareto Edition!

You can:

- vote
- boost
- reply with strategy and overview of the situation
- wait 7 days to see the results

@entreprecariat for your archive and analysis: this was taken after my vote on 2019-05-08 at 23:10:37 (GMT+1). Didn't post at the time to avoid influencing potential voters 🤷‍♂️

exhibition promo 

🕳️ ⛏️ Here is a list of the Best Days to Dig Holes for the next 30 days as published in the Farmers' Almanac.

12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th


Towards an anti-fascist AI [quote] 

I need some help on how to scrape/download a more complex html Manual --> the Manual of ; a great audio editing Floss project.
Someone I work with has an offline computer for editing.

-- wkhtmltopdf for example does not want to work.
-- Neither does html2ps

Thanks for boosting - even better, replying !

I've been working on getting ActivityPub Article types fully supported inline in the Mastodon home feed. I've got it working pretty well now, at least for blog posts from It supports a "safe" subset of rich text using a PR from @Thib ( and then I added some code to support <img> tags that proxies images to the local server, just like we currently do with image attachments. Alt text and media blocking are fully supported/respected.

Video demo attached!

@KnowPresent thanks! discovering their work. not what I'm after but still very good

Time to ask this again:
Has anyone seen and remembers the video/artwork that's just an edit of youtubers saying "sorry for not posting", justifying themselves, committing to posting more, etc?

It's so heartbreaking and so genius. I must find it, please

Helloooooo designers all around the world! Wanna give a design talk in my current town, Lyon France? BlendWebMix has opened its call for papers:

The conference will take place next November and the theme is "Tech for good, a new hope?"
Conference ticket, travel + accommodation are taken in charge. Org team is lovely.

Women & underrepresented folks: if you need some support to finding a talk idea or refining yours, I'd be glad to help!

#design #conference #techForGood

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