@wendy haha! laptop wasn't too bad. It's not like I needed to use it unplugged in places other than my house 😂 😭

@wendy big mood as I've been with a head cold for 1+ week. Hope you get better and still manage to enjoy the time.

🛠️ Yea , I don't think it was Linux that fried my X1's battery after not even a year 😉 👉 I did appreciate the 3 working day repair process tho

🚀 Version 4.4 is live on cryptpad.fr!

This release introduces 📢️ Broadcast, a new feature for instance administrators to announce planned maintenance, surveys, or custom messages.

🚧 There was space for 2 figures in the paper but I over-diagrammed. The following 2 were not published. 🚧

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🔁 Loop 2/4: Phase portrait diagram
A loopy visualisation method re-implented from: dannydorling.org/books/SLOWDOW
The 2nd picture is the same code, re-run on 31st March 2021, check how the axes exploded.

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📰 Back between UK Lockdowns 1 and 2 (around the 154th March 2020) I was commissioned by Jussi Parikka and Tony Sampson to make diagrams for their paper: The Operational Loops of a Pandemic
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La release de cette semaine : Nous interviewons Monsieur X, chargé d'affaires secrètes sur le Minitel par différents ministères, dans le cadre des festivités des 40 ans du Minitel. Dossier exceptionnel en 3 émissions.

Sur @radiofmr et http://cpu.pm/0159

Hey let’s mix a colour together to celebrate the !

Please add 1 Color on the poll below, i will mix the resulting color afterwards.
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If you are new to the idea of federated social networks, the key potential for me is this:

Beyond replicating existing social media platforms, the amazing potential of the Fediverse is that they all talk to each other on here, so you can view and interact with an Instagram post on Twitter, follow a YouTube channel from Pinterest, comment on a WordPress blog with your Good Reads account, all from the same place!

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