Marrant hein quand on parle de décolonisation ou d'intersectionalité "ce sont des termes des culture studies importés des USA, la situation en France n'a rien à voir".

Par contre pour importer l'extrémisme managerial de la Harvard Business School il n'y a au-cun-pro-ble-me.


Starting this morning, and for 72 hours, Palestine-based Radio Al-Hara will be playing a wonderful lineup of anti racist anti colonial artists/DJs/musicians from Palestine & elsewhere. Full schedule👇Join the worldwide protest! Listen here:


:www_server: ♉ What sign is the computer?
by J. R Taureau

In Digital Deli; The Comprehensive, User-Lovable Menu of Computer Lore, Culture, Lifestyles and Fancy
by The Lunch Group and Guests, 1984

CryptPad 3.20.0 is now live on! 🎉

It features some nice security improvements and a lot of small tweaks to enhance usability. The full release notes are available on GitHub with all the details:


💍 In sign of the times, Ayn Rand Institute approved for Paycheck Protection Program loan.

Hilarious story from The Onion.

@320x200 merci Jack Lang d'avoir hypé avant en plus 🤦‍♂️

If you want to study how text is layout/rendered to the screen, this Python module for commandline apps looks a great place to start!

I'd probably follow that up with WeasyPrint & Pango.

Wow, the #Dasher text-entry system stillworks on #Android. Did not get an update in 7 years. But it's still available from #fdroid

@xuv ha! Haven't seen this in years. Was looking for it a couple months back but couldn't remember the name. Thank you for posting!

@imacrea @320x200 surpris que Le Point n'ait pas trouvé de lien avec l'islam sur ce coup la. 🤷‍♂️

@cathal I'm near finished reading Tim Maughan's Infinite Detail that is very much in this vein. Aftermath of a global internet shutdown. Highly recommend.

@cathal ooh a data-destruction sequel to the weathermen would be cool :)

@cathal also they are like "what if the ugly_irish_houses instagram was a computer vendor" 😜

@cathal yea as painful as it is, I think it's worth returning it and looking elsewhere (Entroware? haven't tried). Mine has served me well but with various fails with sound, no battery life, etc.
The install shenanigans are weird indeed.
It worked for me in the end but when it arrived the clock was off and it messed with Wifi etc... obvious now but it ruined my very first moments with Linux :)

@cathal ugh sorry to hear. Been working on a Tuxedo for a year and it's been patchy. Did you use their USB to install?

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