CryptPad v4.0 is now available on GitHub

Some highlights aside from the new logo and look 👇


This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

We're about to deploy our 4.0 release. Don't get scared if the logo changes :)

5 people moved so far
+ Mother (but not through the template message :)

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Seeing a lot of people moving to Signal the last few days. Started messaging my Whatsapp contacts with this gentle-shaming template. Let's see how well it works:

Hey I'm moving as many conversations as possible to Signal before Whatsapp starts sharing all its data with the rest of Facebook at the end of the month. Install it here if you like:

I'm probably going to have to keep Whatsapp anyway. So it's your choice if you want to stay behind with the boomers and school parent groups. 😉

CryptPad v3.25.1 loads your drive and documents from a local cache when available, letting you view a read-only copy while updates are still loading from the server.

This is a big step towards using CryptPad while fully offline!

Try it now on! #privacy

🎧️ ♏️ 📱 Co-Star and the Making of a Popular Astrology App
The Astrology Podcast ep. 286

Great interview with founder Banu Guler.

"a bug where the ascendant would go to your 12th house on Android"

which is itself part of this amazing issue of Processed World

📘 Processed World - Issue 5. (Summer 1982)

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The sabotage ep. includes discussion of this brilliant piece:

📄 Gidgit Digit (1982) ‘Sabotage: the Ultimate Video Game’, Processed World.

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📰 Interactions: AI activism issue

There is a short feature about my in this, plus contributions from @RyBn, Cassie Thornton, Mireille Hildebrandt, and many more

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