@mcpaccard merci pour cette conférence, très belle énergie!

@andybroomfield Looks great! I remember reading about these guys when I was in DI like 10 years ago.

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If machine learning makes a prediction but no rich white guy is there to profit from it, is it still AI?


Mais ... Mais ... C'est le job de Marc Monjou 😨😱

@brainblasted icymi this is getting attention on bridsite.

Thank you for your work on this. As a designer recently switched to Linux I find Krita so much better anyway, but that doesn't mean this isn't a fight worth having/winning.

It's ok. Took me a second but figured that was the case.
Cheap bots gone rogue


"RE: Infrastructures explores the and of alternative networking practices—new , peer-to-peer connections, offline-first , and community-based .

How can these emerging Infrastructures of Regeneration provide spaces to imagine radically different futures, resist easy co-option by the forces of late-stage capitalism, and work in as plural networks seeking emancipatory change?"


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Tired of reading the word ""? Then this firefox add-on is for you.

1. Install

2. Browse any page that talks about AI

3. Enjoy the read

😂 😂

or if you are more than tired (i.e fed up) this addon may suit you better instead (but disable the previous one first)


😂 😂

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