📙 Data Politics. Worlds, Subjects, Rights (2019) – Open Access https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/oa-edit/10.4324/9781315167305/data-politics-didier-bigo-engin-isin-evelyn-ruppert

“There has never been a state, monarchy, kingdom, empire, government, or corporation in history that has had command over such granular, immediate, varied, and detailed data about subjects and objects that concern them. […]
Data sciences such as statistics, probability, and analytics have emerged … because these sciences have
been useful for the objects and subjects they have brought into being …”

🕵️🔎 WIP: Mapping how people move their documents between formats. I'm hand-parsing and building graphs from the results of our "File import/export" survey done last summer. #DAPSI #INTEROFFICE screenshot: Neo4j browser

I opened OG MS Powerpoint for the first time in a few years to test a thing. They have gone absolutely wild in there.

@rra @320x200 @liaizon @pixouls @cmos4040 @exquisitecorp @nilsreichert OH HAI. How did I miss this?! I have a lot of what's already been mentioned + a few more here: are.na/institute-of-diagram-st

Diagrams.net is nice but I always run into one headache or other when comes time to export, esp. if you use dark mode I think.

🚀 CryptPad 4.11.0 is now live on cryptpad.fr

This release introduces version 2 of our Forms application, addressing the feedback we gathered over the summer.

Many thanks again to everyone who took time to answer our survey and/or took part in interviews.

Open call: Parallel Library Services
Between October 2021 and March 2022, in Rotterdam and online
Deadline: 24th September 2021

Parallel Library Services is a workshop series that documents the many actions and situations that libraries and amateur librarians facilitate in their practices.

More about the workshop series here and how to apply:


@celesteh looking at settings the extra {{braces}} might have to do with "case protection" for titles, a way of ensuring title-case?

@celesteh I checked mine and it also has a bunch of {{}} everywhere in titles. not sure why but it works 🤷‍♂️ what's more worrying is the "à"

@celesteh if you use a .bib file you can use accents with LaTeX syntax, e.g. {\'e} for an accute. Zotero better bibtex auto-export does this for me.

:think_starry_eyes: omg I just discovered there's a ✨track changes✨ tab in Firefox devtools that summarises all the css hacks you did in a neat little diff.


@praxeology for me personally it's more like:

- problem with large corp. software: "what a trash fire, how many well paid people are working on this?!"

- problem with FLOSS: "aww look at this budding flower trying to grow. You'll get there buddy 🐣 🌼"

@entreprecariat @rra I can't believe I endured that mailing list for like 4 years. Best unsubscribe of my life :unwanted_grimmace:

I ordered a 2TB external SSD expecting a big blocky thing and now I feel old.

Our new issue of Possible Futures is out.

In this issue we cover the heated topic of 💸 FUNDING 💸 .


How can we ethically fund projects so tech projects don't end up scaling at all costs, ditching all morals along the way?

How do we fairly compensate people in open source?

This issue also includes our *first* piece of original content.

I interviewed the CEO of @penpot on how they fund their open source projects among other things.


@entreprecariat @rra there was a good article a few months back with charts of how uneven it is but I can't find it now

Powerful text features in the next version of Inkscape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmC3tFnFUJM

I haven't done a feature video in a while. But this one's great! (thanks to xkcd for the CC-NC art)

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