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We are delighted to receive $10K in funding from @mozilla this week. We pitched CryptPad to the MOSS Open Source Seed Award back in February at #FOSDEM. We will use these funds to improve loading times.

LoL Twitter blaming Firefox for their fuckups

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@cathal yep, this and publishing all the Jupyter notebooks are the next planned improvements :)

@cathal thanks! no feeds yet, but considering it! what would you find useful? I've been thinking about a mastodon bot, or a fleet of them.

🎧 ANTIVIRUS on ∏ node
Programme radio ouvert de déconfinement, ANTIVIRUS se propage dans les câbles électriques pour transformer ce moment contre le virus en lutte collective translocale. Assemblons nos univers confinés!

Dans cette release de la série Bio is the new black :
Comment communiquer sur la recherche universitaire en design ? Table ronde avec Xavier Guchet et @AnthonyMasure.
Émission et plein de liens :


CryptPad 3.14.0 has been deployed to and released on GitHub ( We've made major improvements to our encrypted kanban app and worked on improving server performance to keep up with demand as more people #WFH.

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