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PhD Status: 🐉➡️☠️➡️⚰️➡️👀 (the thesis has been completed and submitted for examination).

After years of using GIT mainly on my own I sure am glad to have some friends to play with.

🗓️🔖 2.11.2019
Next week I'll be at IMPAKT Festival in Utrecht NL, on a panel about "Calm Technology" with Olia Lialina, @ccl , and Annet Dekker as moderator—curated by @l03s as part of the festival theme: Speculative Interfaces. I'll talk about mapping Youtube recommendations, and the possibility of perhaps, maybe, chilling out within algorithmic traps. 🕸️

✏️📐 Fournitures de Rentrée 📑🎨
Preparing some Amazon web scraping examples for next week's workshop at ENSCI Paris.


"Financial Music" a review of the "Spotify Teardown" book by Robin James, starting with this great quote.


This time next week I'll be starting a workshop at ENSCI in Paris . We'll attempt to map recommendation systems + think about the role of instruments in this mapping.

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