💫➡️🖥️➡️📖 I had the pleasure of running Almanac Factory, an idiotic computing workshop, for XPUB students today. Fun was had with Jupyter notebooks with really interesting results in a short time. Thanks to @320x200 @automatist @manetta for the invitation, and props for self-hosting your remote education infrastructure!

✨➡️📦➡️🔮 Idiotic Kernels

I gave a talk at XPUB this morning (Experimental Publishing MA @ Piet Zwart Institute).

We discussed almanac.computer and in particular the use of Jupyter Notebooks to develop the project. I argued that they might be used to open up the potential for **idiotic** computing.

Thanks @320x200 & @manetta for having me!

🌐 The website for Scrolling the Arcane is online. It replicates the dome of the Porto Planetarium where the show is taking place.


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I'm "rebranding" my independent research and practice going forward to: The Institute of Diagram Studies. This will include projects, publications, and any other slow burners I manage on the side of my full-time job.


🎶🚀 I made this patch for my friend Nelly Ben Hayoun and her International Space Orchestra back when Minneapolis was burning and Elon was sending rockets into space.

Wherever you go - The Avalanches & ISO. Music video: youtube.com/watch?v=ncMYyadNXJ

SETI Press Release: seti.org/press-release/avalanc

:www_server: ♉ What sign is the computer?
by J. R Taureau

In Digital Deli; The Comprehensive, User-Lovable Menu of Computer Lore, Culture, Lifestyles and Fancy
by The Lunch Group and Guests, 1984

🖼️ New wallpaper for my Linux laptop: Every MacOS wallpaper from MacOS 10.0 Cheetah - 11.0 Big Sur combined.

source: twitter.com/J3nRa1n/status/127

Is anyone else disturbed by how misaligned the buttons are in the Github redesign? 😓

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