📰 web3 is going just great

1. is on the fediverse @web3isgreat

2. has a grift counter that updates as you scroll (pictured: since the beginning of May)

📚 🗻 Got a £200 voucher at Oxford University Press because I wrote a chapter 3 years ago.

Paperback maximization because many books there are more expensive than that voucher. The final haul is as follows ("Regulating Big Tech" was out of stock and not pictured). My shelf is about to look smart 💅

I opened OG MS Powerpoint for the first time in a few years to test a thing. They have gone absolutely wild in there.

:think_starry_eyes: omg I just discovered there's a ✨track changes✨ tab in Firefox devtools that summarises all the css hacks you did in a neat little diff.


I ordered a 2TB external SSD expecting a big blocky thing and now I feel old.

🚧 almanac.computer PSA: 100% Planned Maintenance 🚧 

The Quandl API that provided stock market data for Cosmic Commodity Charts has shut down its free tier. (I did scrape everything before leaving so I can re-program the charts 👈😏)

There are a number of improvements that I have been meaning to make to the almanac.computer (e.g. bots, jupyter notebooks, new widgets) so now seems like a good time to pause it after nearly 3 years and do some maintenance and development.

🌝 Back for Samhain 2021🎃 🧙‍♀️📖

💅 back on my bullshit

This morning's title slide for my talk to design students at HBK Braunschweig. Thanks @praxeology for the invitation!

💡 Features:
- Virtual webcam compatible with all video-call software
- Record loops and play them back
- Generic name and interface to avoid scrutiny from co-workers and/or desktop monitoring

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🛠️ I missed having a "dock" bar thing to glance at once in a while and appreciate what a glorious design stack we have :unwanted_happy:

📖🇫🇷 Ravi d'avoir un article/poster dans cet énorme livre démontable :
Màj: design, environnements techniques & pratiques exploratoires. sous la direction de Gwenaëlle Bertrand, Maxime Favard et David-Olivier Lartigaud, 2021, Cité du Design— Esadse

🛠️ Yea , I don't think it was Linux that fried my X1's battery after not even a year 😉 👉 I did appreciate the 3 working day repair process tho

🔁 Loop 4/4: Propelling mechanism of the pandemic "wave" operational image

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🔁 Loop 2/4: Phase portrait diagram
A loopy visualisation method re-implented from: dannydorling.org/books/SLOWDOW
The 2nd picture is the same code, re-run on 31st March 2021, check how the axes exploded.

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