🎧 can anyone recommend some good WIRED earbuds?

I'm looking to revert my "progress" to bluetooth and embrace tradition aka things that just-work-all-the-time-without-charging. thanks

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FYI I ended up buying some modular MEE audio - M6 PRO for £36.99

Very happy so far: behind-the-ear-wire fit is great, sound is good, they came with lots of stuff (replacement cable w/out remote, lots of eartip sizes, etc), and don't get me started on the insane battery life! :unwanted_happy:

🙏 thanks to @s0 for the recommendation!

/cc @kurbitur

@air_pump get ones that are modular, like MEE Audio’s ones. If the cable breaks, you can replace just the cable, same for each earbud. Also great audio quality. Very cheap and good quality for the price.
I had some, used for 2 years, passed on to my brother who kept using for several more years

@air_pump if US$50 is more than you’re looking to spend, their regular M6 is only US$20 and still a great deal, though no longer modular.

@air_pump im actually also gonna check out th recommendation above me but sony wired headphones have never (and still haven’t) let me down

@air_pump I've also been looking for earbuds/IEM's for sometime but haven't landed on anything concrete yet. But I found this website where someone has reviewed like 1000 headphones so you can probably find something there.

@kurbitur amazing, thanks! :unwanted_smirk: :unwanted_thumb:

(although I think my standards are way lower than proper "monitors")

@air_pump yeah indeed most of the headphones in this list are pretty pricey but there are some under $50/$100 that get pretty good review.
Curious to hear which headphones you end up getting.

@air_pump Maybe I'm a philistine but I'm actually really happy with my cheapo, entry-level, Sennheiser CX-300II. They were like 20€.

@air_pump @s0 Nice! I'll keep them in mind for my purchase. I've had a pair of sennheiser cx-300 ii for a few years but one side is half dead so I want to get something with a bit longer lifespan.

@kurbitur @s0 the modular build of this one was part of my choice to invest a bit more. Replacing parts might pay off in the long term

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