🎥 🔁 Webcam Manager
A simple program to loop your webcam on video calls.

In collaboration with Commissioned by @RyBn as part of TELECOMMUTERS, a series about home-office surveillance and algorithmic management.

💡 Features:
- Virtual webcam compatible with all video-call software
- Record loops and play them back
- Generic name and interface to avoid scrutiny from co-workers and/or desktop monitoring

📖 Extensive documentation. With other tools and tricks to achieve the same thing (you may not even have to download this software!)

and further reading on camera spoofing, sabotage, zoom gaze etc

📦 Now available for Windows

AGPL Licensed and open for contributions (esp. if you know how to build mac and Linux apps).

@air_pump great choice of font! and is your site built from a tiddlywiki?

@jboy Thanks! and thanks to @velvetyne

Indeed it's a local TiddlyWiki on nodejs that produces the static site. Repo here:

My first time using TW and I'm impressed + charmed ✨

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