🛠️ Using recent laptop battery failure as an opportunity to nuke & pave and try out a new setup. Now on Ubuntu 20.04 on with Pop Shell github.com/pop-os/shell

Some glitches but so far so good, nice to have vanilla with tiling. I was previously using regolith-linux.org/ (i3 + Gnome) which was fine but more fiddly.


🛠️ Seamless transition from VSCode to Codium.

1. Install gitlab.com/paulcarroty/vscodiu

2. Copy 2 folders:
~/.vscode/extensions ➡️

~/.config/Code/User ➡️

Full instructions by @aral ar.al/2019/10/24/how-to-migrat

@air_pump @aral The big gotchas with switching to Codium from VS Code are:

1. Remote editing doesn't work, as it proprietary Microsoft stuff.

2. Extensions gallery is different and doesn't have all the extensions and themes. (It has a lot of important ones, but not all.)

There's a workaround to switch the extensions gallery for those who want 100% extension parity (except for remote stuff). It recently landed in Codium.

Details @ the PR:

@garrett @aral Thanks for the clarification. Indeed I don't use remote editing and all my extensions seem to be supported so far, hence my "seamless" experience that may not be the case for everyone.

@air_pump @aral Yeah, I tried to switch a while back and hit a wall with some extensions/themes.

I should try again, switching the extensions gallery if still necessary.

(I don't use remote stuff, thankfully. And when I do, it's just ssh+vim 😁)

Thanks for the inspiration the push me to try again.

@garrett @air_pump Got bit by #1 when initially switching (not an issue as I really don’t need it) and been mostly fine on #2 (it’s getting better all the time)… but then again, I don’t have unconventional desires when it comes to extensions :)

@air_pump @aral Thanks! Well written, definitely going to move over to VSCodium today :)

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