serious question: How do I record the voice in my Bluetooth headphones?

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@air_pump what do you mean by this? You mean the audio output from your device to your Bluetooth?

@Demosthenes no the interface voice that says "connected to PHONE" "battery 20%" etc in the headphones.

@air_pump oh. That is probably buried in the firmware of the device. I think you'd need to either record it with a really good microphone held to the earpiece, or maybe extract the audio file from the firmware if you can get a hold of it(good luck if you do this).

@Demosthenes yeah and it's saying the hostname of the laptop/phone when it connects, so it might not even be audio files but some voice synthesis software. I probably won't get to the firmware, just dawned on me that this voice I hear ALL THE TIME is so close yet uncapturable....

@air_pump what do they connect to? Iphone? And what's the earpiece model? I kinda want to look into it now, lol.

@Demosthenes LoL They're Bose Soundsport A11 like this: connecting to an Android phone and a Linux laptop (Ubuntu 20.04 on Thinkpad X1). There that's all my kit 😅

@air_pump thanks! The fact that they work with the Linux laptop and still say the hostname tells me that it is likely still something in the firmware. The hostname is probably relayed to the headset when building the Bluetooth connection.
Looks like Bose has obfuscated their firmware update executable using UPX(Ultimate Packer for eXecutables) so goobers like me can't snoop as easily. Shame :(

@Demosthenes for noobers like me that's already way more than I expected to learn by throwing this question out to the fediverse :)

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