✨➡️📦➡️🔮 Idiotic Kernels

I gave a talk at XPUB this morning (Experimental Publishing MA @ Piet Zwart Institute).

We discussed and in particular the use of Jupyter Notebooks to develop the project. I argued that they might be used to open up the potential for **idiotic** computing.

Thanks @320x200 & @manetta for having me!

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'To create idiotic speculators, we suggest the building of speculative machines that encourage idiotic speculation. Such machines, designed properly, are like a computer terminal for financial speculators, but for idiotic speculators.'

Guggenheim, M., Kräftner, B. and Kröll, J. (2017) ‘Creating idiotic speculators; Disaster cosmopolitics in the sandbox’, in Wilkie, A., Savransky, M., and Rosengarten, M. (eds) Speculative Research. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 145–162.

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