Looking briefly into Adobe Sensei for a thing I'm writing and WOW Adobe is now a data analytics company?! Obvious I guess but I hadn't seen the glorious detail of their AI bullshit-speak. I'll come back to this đź‘€

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BTW first bit of writing since the thesis and I definitely have PhD PTSD.

(not to make light of actual PTSD)

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@air_pump after completing the phd i had months of sadness and sense of purposeleness… the process is not healthy.

@air_pump in what way ? curious to read about that thing you are writing, is it coming out soon ? :)

@nolwennm :) I'm writing about my almanac project and Jupyter notebooks. Trying to argue for an "idiotic" critical approach to "design + AI".

I only use Adobe Sensei as an opener and occasional punching bag, but now I wish I did a properly researched piece about that instead :) I'm writing it in French actually, it's for a publication about design tools coming out next year for the St. Etienne biennale.

> in what way ?
I didn't actually answer your question did I :) What I meant is that Adobe now offers generic data analysis services that seem to have little to do with design.

Interesting case of the generalising nature of "AI". The same stats are supposedly valid for anything. Once you develop machine learning to correct perspective in photos you might as well start flogging "decision support solutions" as well. But as I said, need to come back to this properly some time.

@air_pump waw, effectivement, c'est vraiment intéressant ce glissement. À nos yeux, ce n'est pas du design, mais je me demande ce qu'ils en pensent vu que beaucoup de leurs fonctionnalités développées ces 10 dernières années ont pour point commun d'automatiser le design.

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