but using the typewriter apostrophe looks really cheap…
if they were after readability and 150year heritage and such… they’d have used ’ instead of ' 🤔

@fragmentscenario hey maybe if you too were a vampire cursed to extract the soul of humanity you would also not make the best apostrophe choices.

@air_pump "approachable without being whimsical" is my new favorite quote.

@air_pump they should use comic sans instead of pretenting what they do is classy

@air_pump holy shit is this bad lmao the 9 and 1 are particularly terrifying

even 6 and 5 are terrible on HiDPI, like how do you fuck up numbers so badly

@air_pump siiiiigh, they just had to make a custom font and jerk off about it too

these design flexes are becoming really fucking lame

Goldman Sans Undertale:
It's a beautiful day outside.

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. . .

On days like these, kids like you. . .

Should be drowning in debt.

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