@air_pump Merci pour la découverte en tous les cas ! :)

@air_pump wow this is pretty cool. The model of experienced editors sifting through tons of reports coming in and choosing what to publish based on thematic arrangement, report quality and relevance to the times.. if only we could deploy this on a larger scale? Perhaps through daily or even weekly 'journals'? Perhaps these could have satellite offices where 'correspondents' could provide local insights etc?

An interesting way of distributing this could be to print everything on paper so that that way it doesn't get mixed in your social media stream and hidden in between the sponsored content and ads etc.

I bet a ton of people would like to subscribe to such a publication which prioritizes only that quality selection. The subscription model would then help to support the independent work of these 'journalists'. Maybe a bit far-fetched but what do you think?

@rra I subscribe and enjoy The Syllabus but some questions remain, esp. as it coming from Morozov:
- W.T.F. is the algorithmic sauce framing the project. IMO either don't or open source it.
- No mention of the economic model. It is free and I don't know what the plan is for monetising.
- On the video: the deep irony of such a figure showing us their Google Drive after all they have said. I'm not one for hard-line FLOSS but come on.

But I agree there is potential in terms of publishing model, what gets centered, and distribution (The Syllabus come as 5/6 PDFs attached to an email) but I'm getting this from you, not him :)

@air_pump yeah the algo magic sauce narrative is pretty weird, it is clearly inspired by SV hype dynamics and probably in order to attract investment.

Compared to that, the google doc i'm not too concerned about. Aren't we all semi-bound to that stuff anyway? There is also the use of jitsi btw.

@rra yea agreed my points were not of equal weight.
The GDocs thing irks me, just like every "critical tech" piece hosted on Medium. But I'd live with it if the ALgO sAuCe and the buisness model were clarified ;)

@rra @air_pump So are you thinking of what was known as a "re-blog"? The editor would go through lots of feeds and curate the good stuff and sometimes add commentary. The curated output would show up on the main page (and subsequent feeds).

@KnowPresent @air_pump but how do we know if its the best if there is no deep learning algorithm involved?

@rra @air_pump Well, the next stage is meta-machine-learning, where you use ML to select human curators who are six-sigma producers.

@entreprecariat @air_pump that feel when you get the most precise selection of high quality stuff and you still don't have the time to read it through

@entreprecariat @air_pump I read it indeed. Also a weir promotional piece somehow. I'm not too surprised about the italian house, last I know is that his partner is Francesca Bria

@rra @air_pump my fav part is when he says: oh I take vacations too!

@entreprecariat @air_pump silicon valley has the garage origin story, the european ethical-tech-industrial-complex has the italian countryside villa origin story

@entreprecariat @rra thanks for that piece, hadn't seen it.

'Morozov, the most prominent critic of Silicon Valley, has started an online service with a mission as megalomaniacal as many tech companies.' sums up some of my feeling.

@entreprecariat @rra ah so the Algorithm is actually an ML model of Morozov's own mind.

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