Conflicted between:
1) wanting to use only in my open source design job.
2) realising that Figma is pretty good and that using it would probably result in better designed open source software.

I think there will be some compromise, at least until the good people at @akiraux release their alpha.

@air_pump i feel you, I admitted to myself I like Figma, especially when it comes to quick prototypes

@entreprecariat it's pretty good isn't it?! most solid I've tried since Sketch.
It opens little windows into design as digital labour too. The other night I was checking it out at 10pm on a Friday and I opened a shared file with Fontawesome icons. All these little cursors started appearing, they were designers toiling away in whatever timezone. So like I am welcoming the dark embrace but it's half for ethnographic purposes :thaenkin:

@air_pump @akiraux I been waiting on that as well. Sadly I'll use Figma until so.

@air_pump That's precisely my case too, but with UXPin instead of Figma. After many years of loyal (and hard) prototyping with Inkscape, these new web tools are very tempting for Linux users. Now I'm hopeful about @akiraux !

I 'member the days of web design in Photoshop. Tedious pixel pushing! IMO using Figma et. al. is OK for now, because we can make better FOSS with them. But there is a huge gap here. Very hopeful for @akiraux (whole UI/UX profession could switch to Linux thanks to you, no pressure guys 🙏 :)

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