📰 just got my first delivery of The Syllabus, a pick-and-choose PDF newsletter with links to academic papers, articles, podcasts, etc... founded by Evgeny Morozov. Pretty top-notch selection!

@air_pump "Over the last six years, our founder and publisher (Evgeny Morozov) has developed a novel and eclectic method that pairs humans and algorithms to discover only the best and the most relevant information." :thinknyan:

@320x200 :yikes: yea that bit doesn't sound Morozovian at all. The content on first delivery was good though! happy to share the PDFs if you want to sample.

@320x200 plot twist: the "eclectic method that pairs humans and algorithms" is a series of Google Alerts

@air_pump @320x200 attended to and curated by an army of underpaid research interns.

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