Hi does anyone here use for presentations? I guess this might be more of a general or question but: how do you set up a central Reveal install and then store your markdown presentations in various places on disk? My tests so far involved cloning the whole Reveal repo for one presentation, and that just seems silly to replicate each time.

I ended up following the advice in this blog post (in french)

Basically going through Pandoc to convert the markdown to Reveal.js HTML. This adds a few bonuses like citations and fenced divs. You can pass the location of a central Reveal install as arg to Pandoc.
My build command looks like this:

-t revealjs -s
-o talk.html
--bibliography /.../Zotero.bib
--csl /.../harvard-cite-them-right.csl
-V revealjs-url=/.../reveal.js ⬅️ cloned Reveal repo
-V theme=white

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