Hola Fediversas, no puedo logearme en la app de @fedilab 😔 Creeis que es problema de la app o de la instancia?

@largocreatura @fedilab podria ser el servidor porque post.lurk.org utiliza un fork de mastodon, home town: github.com/hometown-fork/homet

@air_pump you are using fedilab as well no? Does it work for you?

Hi! @rra @air_pump I was using the F-Droid Fedilab app normally. I tried to add a new account and it didn't let me log in with that account either, when I tried to close the login screen, the application was closed completely without being able to return to the normal session, so I uninstalled it. And when I logged back in with my main account it didn't let me either. In browser I can log in without problems. Thanks!


did you try other apps like Tusky? Sounds like Fedilab had a bad moment but I'm no expert.

@air_pump @rra ✌️ Great! From the tusky app I have been able to access, thank you!

@largocreatura @rra
FYI I'm also running into problems since the latest @fedilab update. Was getting 404s, now can't log in after reinstall. Will investigate if it is just with post.lurk.org instance.

@air_pump @largocreatura @rra
The app had an issue few days ago with Mastodon rc3 (that introduced nodeInfo that the app was already using) but that's fixed now.


@fedilab @largocreatura @rra I'm on 2.20.1 updated an hour ago from F-Droid and can't log in. Other had issues too. Could be because we are running the Hometown fork of Mastodon?

Yes, there is clearly an issue, the app doesn't detect this instance as Mastodon one... I will check that.
@largocreatura @rra

@air_pump @fedilab @largocreatura i'm looping @darius in this conversation since he's the main dev of the fork!

@rra @air_pump @largocreatura @darius

OK. Got it. So, in older version of Mastodon (>3), the app checks the endpoint "/api/v1/instance" because Mastodon doesn't use node info in these releases. That's how, the app makes the difference between GNU & Mastodon (<3rc+). But your instance doesn't implement this endpoint or it fails.
So the app thinks it's a GNU one :(

@fedilab @rra @air_pump @largocreatura That's strange, my instance is running Hometown the same as (I think) post.lurk.org's and our endpoint works


I will look into this more though.

@darius @fedilab @air_pump @largocreatura turns out post.lurk.org's app/serializers/rest/instance_serializer.rb had an mistake..

It should be fixed now. Had nothing to do with hometown but rather with this: things.bleu255.com/runyourown/

sorry for the commotion!

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