How should I serve proprietary webfonts for a static website published with Netlify via Gitlab? I'm pretty sure committing them to a public repo would breach the license...
(please don't advise to not use the font 🙃)

duh made another repo set to private on Gitlab, published through Netlify with cross-origin allowed, and serving fonts from there.

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@air_pump Are they not hosted / able to be used with typekit (or whatever adobe call it now)? Else are you able to host them anywhere else and embed them that way?

@andybroomfield thanks Andy! ugh no Typekit unfortunately, I have the files and license for them. I'm looking into S3 buckets but it looks like it will be a pain with ssl certificates etc ... joy ahead!

@air_pump You could rename the file to something harmless. Fire up fontforge and make some pointless changes that will screw up the dumb bot that checks for naughty infringement with naive hashes. Possibly host it somewhere else as you've said. Also fonts are not so well protected by IP laws so you can get away with making clones (just not verbatim copies).

Good tips, thanks! Sounds like you have done this before :)

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