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"Graffiti" browser extension getting there 🐤 Next step is to build a wavetable synthesizer inside of it!

Spraycan by ❤️

Good thing is, every time I have to fix the bass jack or battery I find this "secret" note inside

Just wanted to prepare for my concert on Wednesday (with Elizabeth Davis!) at KM28 in Berlin but the Bass is broken again 🤨

Cool Hackers hacking Sweden in official government brochure on how to prepare for crisis

Coming up with new (software) interfaces is adding another layer of Bureaucracy on top of already very complex systems for most people. It's really hard to learn any sort of new way of doing things or interacting, regardless of if it is a good or bad way of doing it.

Some companies have a monopoly on their way of doing interfaces (often by financial power), it doesn't feel easier to understand these interfaces because they are "better" but because they are everywhere and hard to avoid.

I was wondering if modern media is a constant invention of new interfaces and bureaucracies? Wondering who has the monopoly of media art interfaces 🤔

Tomorrow I'll play my solo set for the first time since the release! Come over if you're in 🤗

On December 5th we will perform a Y-E-S collective with our “musics”. Some of the sets are belated record releases, some other newly formed bands. Surely it is a chance to be in a room together listening to very different sounds.


Kaj Duncan David - live music from All Culture Is Dissolving
Name Change Band - w. Neo Hu‌lcker (Zythar and Voice) / Stellan Veloce (Harmonica and OP-1)
Andreas Dzialocha - live music from For Always LP
Laure M. Hiendl - solo

December 5th, 2021 @ Petersburg Art Space, doors at 6pm, concerts start at 7pm.

Petersburg Art Space
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101
HH, Aufgang II
10553 Berlin

We're getting a step closer to secure group in :

This PR implements the core data types for two different methods of encryption based on top of the MLS protocol (Messaging Layer Security) using the implementation "OpenMLS".

One method is "Sender Ratchet Secrets". This is somewhat similar to Signal where every message is individually encrypted with a new key per message. It can be used for secure private messaging in groups for example.

The other one is "Long Term Secrets". This is a long living symmetrical secret (still using the underlying MLS group mechanism for key sharing). It can also be rotated, for example after a member got removed from a group. Members who joined a group later will still be able to decrypt old data (this is not possible using "Sender Ratchet Secrets"). It can be used for a private wiki or anything which is based on trusted "membership".

Preparing for a live set and trying to reverse engineer how we did this in the studio 🤨

Im surfing on for the first time and I get a surprising feeling of "calmness", no cookies, no popups, no images, no headers, alles gut 💛

Recently we had our first week somewhere around Berlin! ✨

It's been a deep dive into finding a common language together: Most of the concepts which surround us are known, still we talk about them so differently! It gets especially hard when the concepts are really abstract. Steaming brains for 7 days but so much fun!

Today Mix from mentioned a wizard from one of Ursula Le Guins books who could find a name for anything. Almost like a superpower. Not sure if we're there but wow if the scene could find a common language! 😍

Hui, my landed here! (didn't know that Cory Arcangel ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ also makes tracks?)

I don't like table tennis but the bird is cool 💘

Ha, stumbled upon this old post again ☺️ after 1,5 years this whole thing is called and just received the NGI Pointer grant to realize our first version!

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🌱 Our *bitspossessed* developer collective is looking for people to work on Circles UBI, a local economy system! More Info:

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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