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Oh wow, so nice you found it here!

Yes! There is currently two H3K nodes running! One at documenta fifteen: kalender.zukunftsdorf22.org/ and one for the next Antiuniversity festival.antiuniversity.org/

Sam, who was also part of the development of H3K just showed me that archive they made of all events which have been organised: antiuniversity.org/archive/

And if you're interested about the first festival we did, its here: blatt3000.de/hoffnung3000/

@froos Huhu! πŸ‘‹ I've seen Strudel on GitHub as some of you contributed to my `osc-js` package, which made me very happy! πŸ™‚

HOFFNUNG 3000 running for 100 days in the Zukunftsdorf at documenta fifteen 🀩

Tomorrow we celebrate Lauries release on our label Hyperdelia at KM28 in Berlin. Come if you are in town!

πŸ₯ž Listen here: laurietompkins.bandcamp.com/al

πŸ₯ž Come here: km28.de/

@trevorflowers πŸ‘‹ Ah, interesting! Do you have a link to that shop?

@cblgh Yes, it looks like it is still serving "only" the projects website (the whole tooling and networking is already quite cool though), but maybe its the perfect platform to build upon - maybe a "Peachcloud-ish" backbone solar network across different timezones, not as the only nodes but to support other "regular" nodes on the edges. Tried to make a small diagram πŸ˜…

This is so cool: A global computer network where nodes are available when there is sun πŸŒ₯οΈβ›…πŸŒ€οΈcomputingwithinlimits.org/2022

This is definitely something for and and and co, as they automatically start syncing up after sun arrives and the computer boots up.

Let's start a solar node alliance!

Is there a for mushrooms?

I like that I can add pictures of my plants right next to a large database of everone elses (verified) pictures. Would be great to have something like this for mushrooms.

My favorite app is "Pilze 123" which has a really large database, but it is not possible to extend it with own pictures / share them with others.

This was our first concert with Stellan Veloce's Complesso Spettro in KM28, Berlin!


Stellans record "Complesso Spettro" comes out soon on our label Hyperdelia:

It's an abstract collage of multiple band recordings with a whole bunch of different people, really happy it's soon out there ❀️

"Graffiti" browser extension getting there 🐀 Next step is to build a wavetable synthesizer inside of it!

Spraycan by dantescanline.com/ ❀️

Good thing is, every time I have to fix the bass jack or battery I find this "secret" note inside

Just wanted to prepare for my concert on Wednesday (with Elizabeth Davis!) at KM28 in Berlin but the Bass is broken again 🀨

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