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Hat schon mal wer erwähnt, dass es 2022 keine besonders fortschrittliche Idee ist, Mütter, Tanten, Omas als Beispiele für Leute zu nennen, die mit Technik nicht zurechtkommen?

Schönen Gruß
Eine einigermaßen genervte 50+-Technikerklärerin.

Family, religion, depression 

At the bible class she has been going to, she learned that not wanting to live is such a terrible sin that anyone who makes that choice must go straight to hell for all eternity.

She is *six years old*, and she is worried that her grandmother is in hell!!

I assured her that although humans can be judgemental and harsh, God is more understanding and kinder. Since I don't actually believe in God, I felt like I was stumbling around in a foreign language, but she understood and was relieved.

My goddaughter-in-law assures me that they will be moving to a different, more tolerant and open-minded church very soon, which I was relieved to hear.

But I am still furious, and it hurts that self-righteous bigots talk about my sister that way.

Family, religion, depression 

The little one wanted to talk to me about her grandmother, because she has decided to shorten her name to be called by the same name as her grandmother.

(Addressing her with my sister's name was both comforting and painful.)

She asked me whether her grandmother loves her and why she is not here.

How do you explain depression to a 6-year-old? How do you explain that it can get so bad that someone decides they can no longer live with it?

She was so sweet, and so relieved to hear me talk about her grandmother.

Then she told me what is worrying her ...

Family, religion, depression 

What kind of "Christians" tell a 6-year-old that her grandmother is in hell, because suicide is an unforgivable "sin"??

I am furious...

As surrogate granny for my sister's two granddaughters, I had a video chat with the younger one last night, so that her mother, my poor dear goddaughter-in-law, could go into another room to just cry in peace, because she is under so much pressure.

@luka Then you probably want to read everything by N.K. Jemisin too.

@celesteh After two years in Calafou, I really, really enjoy the luxury of having my own private shower with hot water in my flat now. But no, it is certainly not sustainable. Now I'm curious about the article, because "sustainable decadence" sounds like the right attitude for this project.

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in the same way as technology by itself can't solve social problems

flossbros toxic behaviour actually has (almost) nothing to do with the idea that software should be libre

if you are a victim of flossbros bullying don't think it's about the idea. just look for floss community with a proper code of conduct and evidence that it is being enforced

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Spread the Call

The Feminist Hacker Assembly from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world takes place at #rc3 2021 online. The glue is /etc, Eclectic Tech Carnival, running since 2002. Contributions: managed #servers ( and, #fanzines, #books, #radio, #codes, #games

For proposals/submission: 📧 call AT eclectictechcarnival org (first schedule draft 18/12)

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Also two online workshops will take place. This Wednesday I give one about the zine_maker code:

And on Friday, a scribus, inkscape and gimp workshop by libre graphics club.
For registrations, visit


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Alternative practices and approches to design are possible!

Welcome to the ➦ Servus Design Week, a series of radio conversations and workshops about design and its critical implications.
06 – 11.12.2021 on Radio Fro.

Find the program on our website


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Am 3.12. erscheint #132 der Versorgerin u.a. mit Beiträgen zu Identitätspolitik, Multimillionären im Weltraum, Stanisław Lem, religiösen Sprachbildern in der Kritik der politischen Ökonomie, Esoterik Programming Languages, dem Projekt "Piazza virtuale" (1992), sowie Rück-, Gegenwarts- & Vorschauen auf ausgewählte Stadtwerkstattprojekte (STWST48x7, Winterlände Dunkellände etc.).

@lilo @viennawriter @taonoui Ich folge ihn auch auf Twitter (ja, zu meiner Schande bin ich auch noch auf Twitter), und dort hat es mir besonders gefallen, wie er N.K. Jemisin lobt und bewundert, und wie er es scheinbar lustig findet, dass er dafür beschimpft wird.

@Stoori My sons grew up bilingual in German (the local dialect) and English in Austria, but they learned skiing with their Austrian grandparents, so that vocabulary was only in German.
When my sister in the US asked my son if he skies downhill many years ago, he was mystified, because he didn't know that term in English. He sarcastically replied, "No, I ski uphill, what do you think?"

@lilo @viennawriter @taonoui Den Blog von John Scalzi lese ich auch, aber offensichtlich nicht immer aufmerksam genug. Danke für den Tipp.

@lilo Kommt sie in dieser Rede von Martha Wells vor?
Die Rede ist wirklich wunderbar, danke fürs posten (und @viennawriter für den Boost).

@entreprecariat It always frustrated me as a translator when I had to translate grant applications for people with really good and interesting ideas, and they had to press those ideas into the constraints of a grant application - budget proposals, time frame, expected outcomes, evaluation measures, etc.
I just wanted these people to get the money they needed to do the research they wanted to do.

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Cloudy November at #nextcloudresidency!

Come visit artist Nahee Kim and the project "Dog Bites Cloud" by Dirk Paesmans (JODI) & Stephan Drescher

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Digital Earth - Break the Digital Monoculture: Interview with spideralex

Ciberfeminisme d’investigacció, Teories feministes de les tecnologies

INTERVIEW WITH SPIDERALEX We need to break the digital monoculture and challenge Big Tech in their relentless drive to transform our digital environment in its own image. Digital Earth...

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Also for car users: if you are not moving heavy goods and are able bodied, why the fuck are you driving? Get rid of your fucking menace machine. Stop hitting cyclists today and drowning children tomorrow.

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