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Our services are back online, thanks didi for the quick response!

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Good morning to you! Our server is currently down, we are working on it. Thanks for your patience!

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Am 24.09. startet unser Schwesterprojekt Jelka ein Direktkreditkampagne mit einem rauschenden Fest in der @kapulinz
Klar, dass wir mitfeiern!

@ljwrites It sounds wonderful, thanks for the recommendation.

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Wer braucht ein temporäres Zuhause in Linz?

Vom 6.10.22 bis 9.12.22 ist ein 17 qm großes Zimmer in einer großen 2er-WG im selbstverwalteten Hausprojekt Willy*Fred im Zentrum von Linz frei!
Das Zimmer befindet sich hofseitig, zwei große Fenster sorgen für viel Helligkeit. Es gibt eine Wohnküche, ein Vorzimmer, und eine traumhafte, freundliche und respektvolle Mitbewohnerin mit vielen weiteren tollen Nachbar*innen.
Einkaufen, Hauptplatz, Donau, Kunstuni, alles 5 Minuten von der Haustüre.

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Wer möchte HabiTAT Projekte in Wien kennenlernen? Dieses Wochenende gibt es eine Gelegenheit:

Living For Future mit #HabiTat am Volksstimmefest am 3. und 4. September auf der Jesuitenwiese im wiener Prater!
Gemeinsam mit unseren Sistas von SchloR SchloR - Schön3r Leben (aus Wien, Simmering ) und der Autonomen Wohnfabrik Autonome Wohnfabrik (aus Salzburg) werden wir einen #HabiTat-Infostand aufbauen und ihr könnt uns Samstag, wie Sonntag jeweils von 13:00 - 19:00 besuchen kommen.

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Does anyone know of house projects/collectives in the vicinity of Talinn, Estonia?
A member of our house will be there in October and November.

@k_purpose Yes, I love Kontact despite the problems that occur with it. Are you on the KDEPim mailing list? I find it extremely helpful.

@oleschri Darüber hat Isabell Lorey bereits 2012 geschrieben. Es ist vielleicht das wichtigste Buch, das ich ins Englische übersetzt habe, und ich kann es sehr empfehlen - auch 10 Jahre später.

This morning I had to take my cat to the vet to have another ear infection treated. Fortunately, that is much easier with the cat backpack my neighbor lent me.
It's amazing, though, how friendly and chatty everyone on the bus suddenly becomes as soon as they notice a cat in the backpack.

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again, thank you for your patience. we*ve been switching tranceivers, cables and routers and soon we will get our new mail server up and running which will be a game changer <3

@servus This is probably a better explanation for @rra @h @l03s. I was told simply that "boink is flapping", which I understood, but wouldn't be able to explain coherently.

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we are currently replacing hardware in our server room. this can cause short outages over the next couple of days --- we are sorry if this causes you inconvenience! but we are really happy that we can get rid of outdated hardware and bring our systems up to speed.

36 years later, I really don't remember why Peter and I were legally married at city hall months before our "real" wedding on 31 December. As I was having coffee with friends this morning and they mentioned someone else's wedding, it reminded me that today would have been our wedding anniversary.

When I said so, one friend looked at me and said, "I don't know what to do with that information now."

Neither do I actually.

If the ÖBB just had an email address on their website, I wouldn't have asked for a refund, but only confirmation of the delay, so that I can request a refund from the ferry for the tickets we couldn't use because the train was so late.

Since there was no other form I could use, now I have requested a refund from ÖBB too.

I have the impression that the whole customer service section of their website is designed to only deal with complaints, but I really didn't want to complain.

If you are going to be involuntarily stuck somewhere, there are far worse places to be stuck in than Civitavecchia, Italy.

@ephemeral I'm sorry you didn't get to meet my son Patrick when you were here, but he might know something, so I just asked him.

When I was in Michigan I visited an independent bookshop in the town where my goddaughter-in-law works, which I found on

Since I now have an email address and a personal connection, I will use that in the future for the girls.

I'm actually just procrastinating about packing right now. I need to stop looking at books online and finish that.

@celesteh I just had that problem again with, hive doesn't appear to have the book I was looking for.

For years I have been sending "Rebel Girls" books to my sister's grandchildren in the US, but now they have stopped sending the books themselves, and the "order now" button goes straight to Amazon.

@celesteh Thanks! hive seems to work on the same principle as to support local bookshops - which I would be happy to use, if they would just accept my credit card.

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