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I am Tejaswinee, music technologist, teacher and vocalist. I teach in the Music, Communication and Technology masters program at university of Oslo. She works as a data analyst at Universal Music Norwayy. She have a PhD in music technology. My research interests are melodic cognition, motion-capture and musical-cultural analysis. I research how aspects of melodic perception are illustrated through multimodality, and linguistic prosody.

I sing hindustani music with electronics, and influenced by new music, noise, and free jazz.
My website is here : and my recent papers are linked below :

linux administration is a sudo science

new preprint from my lab's postdoc Christian Seegelke
in collab with Peter Wühr and Melanie Richter

4 experiments explore the SSARC effect - an association of object size and response side. Question: what does "side" mean?
It's mainly body side (i.e. left vs. right hand responding to the small and large objects), though side of space can play a role.
This is quite different from the famous SNARC (= side + number), which is mainly side of space-related.

In Jamaican culture, it's important to dispose of your hair properly after grooming it. In our folklore, elders say if you throw your loose hair outside and birds use it to make a nest, you'll go insane.

In the Caribbean, people dispose of their loose hair in different ways to prevent unscrupulous people from using it against them.


save your energy
warm up for the <thing>
i never know which approach to take!!! idk which one actually works if any

I've been reading the Sociopolitical History of Marathi Theater lately and I genuinely am loving it

Nicola will soon present online on our behalf, unfortunately the schedule clashes with the rehearsals for the R1 reactor hall opera. Great session chaired by @Tejaswinee at @uio , you can follow it here

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The hardest problem in computer science is to make a social network without nazis

Looking forward to talking about HCM and Embodiment and AI tomorrow at the embodied perspectives on musical AI seminar!

Some people think Mastodon is too weird to become popular:

I joined Twitter in 2008. We had to put a "d" in front of a tweet to convert it to a direct message and every other day you had some embarrassing private moments exposed because someone forgot about the “d”. Hashtags were just a community hack, introduced by Chris Messina to somehow tag content. Search? Hah, you wish! Tweets via SMS were supposed to be a thing. Oh, and the daily meet and greet with the failwhale. Totally not weird.

If you use a screen reader and are worried about reports that Masto is less accessible than we'd like, try - it's a webapp with a much more simple interface than Masto itself plus it has thoughtul wellbeing settings too!

and now for a moment of #calm ...
(whale shark, swimming through luminescent algae)


There seems to be an increasing use of the justification for a paper being "little is known". Here is the appearance of this phrase in PubMed. It looks like we know less as time progresses. Little is known about why this trend has developed.


This website is amazing, linear algebra with interactive examples. Vectors, matrix, dot product, etc, cool resource for learning. #GameDev #Math

any pointers to what i can read about the feeling of saturation from music listening? when you reach an 'enough' point in either playing or listening - what that is?

thinking of buying some kind of basic textbook in a field idk and studying through it in some manner

But the change I'm imagining will require a more widespread appreciation of the messiness of the social processes of science.

For a few early years of "science Twitter" this seemed possible. But as audiences grew to include groups with radically different priorities, public attacks across communities become more likely, encouraging scientists to reduce themselves to a smooth, professional surface.

I'd really like it if we didn't do that kind of thing here.

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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