Damn... I just realized some geek facts about myself:

- I started using back in 2002
- I started using in 2004
- I with @GIMP in 2003
- I've never used Adobe...
- yes... Ive always been an ...

Yes... I do feel old-school now...

@Tatica @GIMP Curious, what do you think of GIMP now compared to 2003? Funny you haven't used Adobe. Though I'm completely on the GIMP train too.

@tapaniraja I started using gimp while trying to do some graphics for my first blog. It reminded me of paint a lot, but kinda got stuck with it because it was so much more... Right now, I couldn't live without @GIMP on my workflow.

@Tatica @GIMP Nice! I used to use Photoshop but noticed GIMP can do everything I need. Such a great piece of software! Though some people complain it's not as good as Photoshop.

@tapaniraja one thing I did notice when I was using @GIMP along friends who were using PS is that most users depend too much on filters and stuff like that...

I do use gimp filters, but the way the app is built and the overall info out there makes you at least understand what your filters are doing and how to achieve the same result one step at the time

@Tatica @GIMP Oh totally. Feels so much of the work is done for you. No wonder it's difficult to use something else. But I think if you really know your game and are willing to work, the program should not matter. It's just a tool.

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