It has been so long since I went to my last conference that to be honest, I was overwhelm. Read my report at...

Last week at work proved to me that a good is able to work on any app...

But a great designer chooses stability and sustainability before comfort and trend...

Thank you ☺️

I've been an user since 2002 - started my journey as a in 2004.

It seems that people only care about the language you use, but not the apps. Specially if you're a designer they asume "it must be Adobe"...

But that will change... And that's a promise!

Anyway... Education changes will start not with students, but with the structure itself.

Better teachers, better students

Motivated professors, challenges students

Engaging environment, real results.

It's free to dream about a better country/world, right?

Teachers must learn to be wrong, and feel proud when a student challenges their own knowledge.

Their job is to prepare our next generation, not just go into a classroom and show off what they know while they get vainglory from their student's ignorance.

A real improvement from the educative system must include an immediate salary raise, with productivity bonuses and discard immediately conflictive teachers with low moral ethics, so emotional harassment cases on vulnerable kids can be prevented.

Pensums must be adequate to encourage analysis and not repeating.

No student (at any level) will learn anything important by just repeating what a teacher told them to say without developing a previous analysis and getting their own conclusions.

Today I was reading a bit about educational changes and started doing a mental list... but since I always tend to forget things... I'm gonna leave this thread over here...

The education quality is directly dictamine by the disposition of teachers/professors more than by a pensum

A motivated teacher can keep their students attentive their students and challenge their minds, while an unmotivated one will only transmit their frustrations

just a random thought... but I would like somehow keep the english shortcuts of @GIMP when using a different language... no idea if that's even possible, interesting or if I should stop being lazy and configure my shortcuts

Today I will be hosting the first photo and design gathering at the city I live... I'm excited and nervous of the reactions of the attending designers and photographers when they see me working only on tools...

Damn... I just realized some geek facts about myself:

- I started using back in 2002
- I started using in 2004
- I with @GIMP in 2003
- I've never used Adobe...
- yes... Ive always been an ...

Yes... I do feel old-school now...

Getting into the creative mood is a full-time job where the main goal is to feed your brain with emotions.

Everytime I see a conference at the other side of the world, half of me thinks "damn, I want to go", while the other half of me thinks "damn, how many people from that continent could go with the same money"

I decided to uninstall the games I had on my phone and replace them with a mindfulness and a languages app...

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