just a random thought... but I would like somehow keep the english shortcuts of @GIMP when using a different language... no idea if that's even possible, interesting or if I should stop being lazy and configure my shortcuts

Today I will be hosting the first photo and design gathering at the city I live... I'm excited and nervous of the reactions of the attending designers and photographers when they see me working only on tools...

Damn... I just realized some geek facts about myself:

- I started using back in 2002
- I started using in 2004
- I with @GIMP in 2003
- I've never used Adobe...
- yes... Ive always been an ...

Yes... I do feel old-school now...

Getting into the creative mood is a full-time job where the main goal is to feed your brain with emotions.

Everytime I see a conference at the other side of the world, half of me thinks "damn, I want to go", while the other half of me thinks "damn, how many people from that continent could go with the same money"

I decided to uninstall the games I had on my phone and replace them with a mindfulness and a languages app...

Am I invisible?
Should I let it go?
Will you ever see what you do to me?
Falling for you slowly
From a distance

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Just decided to pay again my Flickr membership and see if that helps me get out from my creativity burnout... Lets hope it helps

Thank you all at @lgm for making this happening... I will be grateful all my life for having such a conference where I don't feel weird tatica.org/en/2019/06/05/lgm-2


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