@praxeology For the plotter, it's an old Helo Scheinderplotter that we buyed from a second-hand sales site with @raphael . We hacked it to use different type of pencils.

For the font, I used a tool made by Bonjour Monde (bonjourmonde.net/en) named Magnet Mike . You can draw with a mouth or a graphic tablet and the drawing is magnetize to a grid that you can modulate. Manusquared is SIL OFL, you can download from there : juhel-quentin.fr/CrypType/

@sakasama Non, pas encore (il le sera). Mais il est bientôt dispo à l'achat chez l'Atelier Téméraire

I write a manifest, my manifest. It's about labour, design, aesthetic. It's draw with Plotilde (a lovely plotter) and typeset with Manusquared (a SIL OFL font I've created). It's in french, but I'll translate in english soon !

@bfluzin @ZikZak C'est pour ça que les éditeurs ont apposés des logos « la photocopie tue le livre » sur les manuels scolaire !

@nasser @abundance I was wondering if this licence can be forked. Arts, designs and publications could fit into a similar license. Like an anticapitalist common licence

@entreprecariat I'm using Zettlr to write in markdown, export as an html and use pagedjs to design it and pint it. (not best workflow but that is conveniant)


Hi , I'm Quentin, I'a graphic designer free-software and enthusiast . Since two years I share these interests with students by teaching at Nimes University and The Orléans School of Art and Design. I'm part of @velvetyne prepostprint.org and Atelier Téméraire (which distribute political/graphical zines, thesis and posters). I'm also a big fan of and currently working with a beautiful plotter call Plotilde (adopted with @raphael ). I love organise meeting's and workshop to exchange with poeple and learn new stuff.
To pay my rent and eat I develop small website (I'm mor specialized in the frontend job, I'm afraid by big architectures).
These last month I'm questionning the notion of in my domains and the society. I'm interrested by promoted by movements.


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