I write a manifest, my manifest. It's about labour, design, aesthetic. It's draw with Plotilde (a lovely plotter) and typeset with Manusquared (a SIL OFL font I've created). It's in french, but I'll translate in english soon !

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@sakasama Non, pas encore (il le sera). Mais il est bientôt dispo à l'achat chez l'Atelier Téméraire

@QuentinJuhel Looks really nice. I would definitely like to get a translation.

Do you have more info about the plotter and the font?

@praxeology For the plotter, it's an old Helo Scheinderplotter that we buyed from a second-hand sales site with @raphael . We hacked it to use different type of pencils.

For the font, I used a tool made by Bonjour Monde ( named Magnet Mike . You can draw with a mouth or a graphic tablet and the drawing is magnetize to a grid that you can modulate. Manusquared is SIL OFL, you can download from there :

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