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#Graz is calling!

Our friends of are looking for an assistant manager:
AND some #AIR artists in residencies:

check it out!

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Deze zaterdag 21 mei is Nubo aanwezig met een standje op het Wereldfeest. Als de weersvoorspellingen kloppen en de traditie gerespecteerd wordt, wordt dat een stralende dag in een gemoedelijke sfeer en met plaats voor een goed gesprek, bv. op de stand van Nubo ☀️

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Do you have a Belgian ID? Sign the “Burgerwetsvoorstel - Regularisatie/Proposition de loi citoyenne - Régularisation” before 17/05!

This initiative is important, especially now. It demands La Chambre/De Kamer to consider a citizen law for regularization. When accepted, this law would guarantee that ALL people without papers can ask to be regularized when they have no option to return to where they came from, or when they are in Belgium for more than 5 years.

Read the proposal (FR/NL):
More about the proposal:

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What does building an feminist
internet look like?
by Nani Jansen Reventlow

This internet would be based on a holistic understanding of where “cyberspace” resides. Not in some fictional space, separated from the “material world”, but intertwined with all aspects of our lives, and therefore interconnected with all our human rights; not just privacy and expression, but the full spectrum of rights, including the rights to science, culture, and education, health, and social security.

"we should start by dismantling the racist, capitalist patriarchy. Others are much better at formulating the roadmap to making that happen — I am just a lawyer and I focus on making the law work as a tool that can contribute to that change."

Since March 14, a male and female falcon nesting on the Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral, Brussels, take turn on their two eggs. The hatching should begin around April 14, next Thursday.

All can be followed via their webcam !

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Okay, so: German court decided on Jan. 20th 2022 that sites will need to host Google fonts locally.

Visitors are otherwise entitled to receive 100€ in recompensation for Google fonts transferring IP numbers to Google servers.
Google uses fonts to track users, especially if they are logged into only one other server, where stored personal data might identify them.

Court decision text in German (Landgericht München)

#google #tracking #fonts #liability #germany #funny

Open call is out for worksession:
Weak signaaal looks at human and non-human communication practices which play, open-up and wreck linguistic systems while acknowledging their ever-changing, unpredictable and muddy qualities.

On 2, 9, 16, 23 june.

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Artifice & Intelligence by Emily Tucker

Good advice for anyone writing on technology, actually.

"Words matter.

Starting today, the Privacy Center will stop using the terms “artificial intelligence,” “AI,” and “machine learning” in our work to expose and mitigate the harms of digital technologies in the lives of individuals and communities."


"Corporations have essentially colonized the imaginative space that Turing’s paper asked us to explore. Instead of pursuing the limits of computers’ potential for simulated humanity, the hawkers of “AI” are pursuing the limits of human beings’ potential to be reduced to their calculability."


"Instead of using the terms “Artificial intelligence, “AI,” and “machine learning,” the Privacy Center will:"

* Be as specific as possible about what the technology in question is and how it works.

* Identify any obstacles to our own understanding of a technology that result from failures of corporate or government transparency.

* Name the corporations responsible for creating and spreading the technological product.

* Attribute agency to the human actors building and using the technology, never to the technology itself.

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On Wednesday from 6pm CET, @alcstrt, @manetta, @p_p, Julia and myself will be co-hosting the kick-off public broadcast of A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers ().

For this broadcast, we will be joined by two practitioners who have been working on and around and activist : Spideralex and Danae Tapia.

Spideralex will share about her personal story/travel/trip towards feminist infrastructure, how she started becoming interested in building her own infrastructure, joining lorea/n-1 (federated social networks) and then (a material infrastructure, social lodging cooperative and rehabilitating an old industrial colony) and the gaps and the need to create feminist servers, as well as the main changes over the last 10 years regarding critical digital feminist infrastructure and feminist in general. Danae will address the paradoxical relation of communist dialectical and .

More information here:

And more information about ATNOFS in general here:

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Yesterday, during a bike ride to the picturesque Microsoft hyperscale datacenter in Middenmeer (NL), I learned that Microsoft and Google store over 2 million liters of Diesel there, of which half is burned during monthly and yearly tests of their emergency generator. I suppose this is commonly known, their way to reach 99,999 percent availability, I just never pictured datacenters having *that* many chimneys... Biking past them also lets the hyper-ness of their scale sink in 😱

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"How is distributed in a world that is worlded by , , and ?"
"Volumetric Regimes emerges from , a collaborative project on the intersection between artistic and academic research. The project was initiated in 2016 to explore the very concrete and at the same time complex and fictional entities of so-called "" in the context of . Volumetric Regimes brings together diverse materials from an ongoing conversation between artists, software developers and theorists working with techniques and technologies for detecting, tracking, printing, modelling and rendering volumes."
@Femke + + at erg this Thursday with

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Nous republions un article de soutien à l’initiative européenne @reclaimyourface contre la surveillance biométrique de masse qui se termine bientôt :


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🧊 Volumetric Regimes: Material cultures of quantified presence 🧊

With Possible Bodies feat. Elodie Mugrefya

Thursday 24/03 @ 17.30 IRL at erg, 87 rue du Page – 1050

Virtual book launch, part of the Rendering Research workshop organized by DARC, CSNI and transmediale festival for art and digital culture.

All welcome!


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Call for Participation

15th–18th June 2022
afo – architekturforum oberosterreich, Stadtwerkstatt, Kunstuniversität Linz, and more.

DEADLINE: Sunday, 3rd April 2022, 23:59 CEST
Application will be reviewed while they arrive.

Read the call & Apply at:



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Now hiring!

The #Inkscape project is seeking to fill a 12-month contract position for a Project Coordinator.

You'll find more details here:

#FLOSS #collaboration #job #inkscape

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Spaghetti Blockchain explores absurdist satire while acutely creating allegories for contemporary life: an exploration of labour, technology, distance, and matter about the seemingly immaterial. Through these film locations, Mika Rottenberg experiments with humans' idea as composed of and as manipulators of matter, revealing the interconnectedness between the mechanical and the corporeal.

Version with descriptive captioning here:

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