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Ok, change of order it seems, coming up next 'Society for Nontrivial Pursuits // HyperDisCo'

There's still space in today's workshops! with Kofi Oduro & Mohamed Tarqui Jalloh who did an amazing multilingual live coding and spoken word performance last night:

Something about the spatialness of the VR algorave feels like the most social event of the festival! And it's still got hours to run! Put on your VR headsets and head to

On now: NMF x OM the concert presented by Other Minds! Tune in at !

On now: a workshop: principles for networked live coding bands, presented by the cybernetic orchestra

Part of accessibility means being available to people with slow internet connections. This is why, in addition to a video stream, we also have an audio-only stream. Exactly the same audio bit rate, but way less data.

Tune in now to the

We have s stream until midnight BST and then we're back on 2 hours later!

And then an hour after that for 2-3 hours!

The stream is now live with a workshop on . With an osc groups replacement quark!
Tune in now!

has launched! We're starting with a supercollider workshop!

Our first workshop starts at 9AM tomorrow (London time). You can learn more or sign up:

(If you find it's full you can still follow along at )

If you can’t wait for the Network Music Festival to start, we have good news: our online exhibition is now live with 7 video works, installations and interactive apps to keep you busy until we launch the festival on Wednesday!

The exhibition contemplates how we make music, interact and connect via web technologies. We are hosting a walk-through event and Q+A with the artists on Wednesday, hosted by media-artist So take a look at the works and get your questions ready!

Our exhibition is free to view, but we are accepting donations to contribute to artist fees on a Pay What You Can basis. Through this form of mutual aid we can support each other through the exchange of culture, knowledge and funding.

Are you trying to send system audio to #BigBlueButton only to find you can't go back to using your mic or vice versa? Check out this documentation.


We've got Algoraves! One week from now, get your VR Rave on!

Use a headset or just tune in via the web!

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