I did a copy of Nophase to refactor it but something isn't going well, seems like the texture routing is lost

On the way less important side :
- Traktor integration
- New effects
- MIDI/OSC controller quick config
- Spout/Syphon/NDI input (I'm a bit scared for NDI because of the matrix -> texture conversion that takes a fuck ton of ressources tho, so maybe only Spout)

Huh yeah also since I plan to make a modular design, I really need to refactor the whole routing & the components because it's hell

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Might write a post on my blog about Nophase probably today & along with a bunch of Jitter Gen explanations(?) later

The roadmap is approximately this :

- "Modular" design (+ UI redesign?)
- Presets selection & save
- Bug squashing on the blending/texture route side 🥲

(Photosensitivity warning)

Here's a small video/trailer of visuals that Nophase can produce alone

With music from Nebula, CYBERBULLY, Theory, Klahrk + Kattie and Kaz Mashino (Omoide)

(all links to music in description)


Just got the idea of interfacing Traktor/Serato to Max, not 100% sure of which protocol I'll use but..that might be funny.
I have a WIP Traktor API that a friend is making + i know that you can output a MIDI clock from Traktor Pro 3...let's start with the MIDI clock first and see

Noise seed generation applied to a NURBS, triggered by selectable frequencies

@yhancik Ouais, j'ai testé avec NDI au début un peu par automatisme (vu que j'utilise énormément NDI) mais Spout ça m'a finalement paru + logique

For havocCc's Galaxy Collision track :

VJ set for BSK during calmdownkidder's Chipfest Cyberspace

Live visuals for Noddus' Dj sets

Viz set for vera, etc. @ OncePortable

'Untitled' as a part of the exhibition "Algorithmes"

Viz set for tenshi @ Team Poolside (timestamp : 2:57:30)

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Hello, promo time

I am reopening my viz commissions!

Live sets/vjing, video clips for music, background stream visuals, you can reach me through my DMs (they are open)

My portfolio is over there :

Repost ✅

(will post examples of previous work under this post)

patch to Resolume with Spout, works so much better than NDI send

Nophase & a new software/hardware live setup

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@sean_ae Yeah JS in Max is bad, I already hate JS but here it's worse

@sean_ae Have you tried making Max externals btw? I'm kinda interested on making some

@sean_ae Same 😑
I really like Gen but there is so much more docs to make, I think I'm gonna do a bunch of blog posts documenting what I discovered while making my project 🧐 (maybe tutorials too)

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