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Hey there! You may know me from other places, I'm Lime (Lucie) or LimeLimeWire.

I've been around the fediverse since 2017 and been around Lurk since 2018.

I'm a generalist, I like to dig different fields of science and art, mostly linguistics, graphic design, generative art and livecoding. I studied electronics/CS and some chemistry/materials engineering.

Nice to meet y'all!

I'm gonna be more active here and over @Pulsaare, it's way more calm than the hellsite.

Being constantly engaged, seeing so much hate and toxicity...just removing that from my mind is helping so much. I was able to watch movies, read, not being overwhelmed. This is crazy because this might seem like an evidence, but after 8 years of constantly checking this hellsite every day, it feels weird but really relaxing.

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(Repost from my other account)

So, I decided to spend waaaay much less time on birdsite. Turns mind is light, not busy and I'm doing good. What a surprise ! (lol)

The idea of a Wellness option is pretty cool

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Re-learning some French grammatical terms that you learn in middle school...I know these rules but I don't usually talk about them lol

Hey! Just a post for some promotion stuff.

My commissions are open to VJing and video clips! I can take care of your live visuals or promotion/video clips. More information on my DMs or on Discord (Lime#3708).

Portfolio =>

Reposts ✅

I'm looking for resources on computing applied to linguistics, anyone got this? Boosts ✅


En plus j'en ai marre de l'Île-de-France, c'est chiant et puis y'a la covidad donc on se fait chier

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Purée c'est un truc de dingue le prix des logements à Caen, c'est tellement peu cher comparé à Paris, 378€ pour +30m².
Après c'est logique mais quand même

Laughing at linguistics memes because it's 6:40 AM

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