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MIT press is relaunching the Software Studies book series and I am very excited to work together with other fabolous co-editors Wendy Chun, Jichen Zhu and @nwf.
Check out the press release: mitpress.mit.edu/blog/mit-pres and our thoughts on the new series: computationalculture.net/softw.
Feel free to starting sending proposals our way.

Check out the new manifesto here too: gitlab.com/siusoon/refresh/

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This weekend we celebrate the work of 10 graduating students with an exhibition, presentation, workshops and (of course) a party! Join us for WALKIE TALKIE in Worm, Rotterdam on Friday (18:00-2:00) and Saturday (12:00-17:00).

More information about WALKIE TALKIE can be found on the website of Worm: worm.org/production/xpub-pzi-g

And if you're curious to explore the projects of this group, you can visit: project.xpub.nl/

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Hello fellow farmers 🙂
Poetic*hemistry of Soils ⭍ Soil Chromatography Workshop with Special Guest Oliver Jäggi ⭍ Regenerative Energy Communities Open Lab ⭍
Circular Soil Chromatography is a somewhat poetic way of gleaning information about what's going on in the dirt, using an old-school photographic developing process, and requiring a qualitative analysis method akin to reading tea leaves. We have never done this before, so this will be a DIO / LIT (Do it Ourselves / Learn it Together) summer holiday workshop.
Thankfully we'll have Oliver Jäggi joining us, who also works with big fancy chromatography machines in a chemistry lab that manifests big fancy data, and so we'll be thinking about the tensions around different forms of sensing and analysing our environments too, while the soil-as-photographer manifests nice artworks for us to decode.
Bring a tablespoonful of soil that you would like to analyse or that you think would give interesting results!
More info on and directions to the Open Lab can be found here: regenerative-energy-communitie

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XPUB Grad Show
opening Friday evening 24 June @ 18h
WORM (UBIK + S/LASH Gallery)
Boomgaardstraat 69

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Avantwhatever.net invites applications for two-month financially-supported server residencies.

We undertake hosting as creative and social practice, helping people to host their own stuff online and to develop shared server practices. We engage with the internet as material reality, from the technology employed to the energy used, and country occupied.

Full details, application process, and contact information available at: https://avantwhatever.net/

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would anyone like to join an experimental webring? It's called nightwalk and only appears Midnight - 3am for night surfing? details at bruise.in/nightwalk.html 🌑

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I'm starting a small call for entries for a yet-to-exist 'zine on tech for resting, being lazy, letting be, and having a break. Share wide and far.


For the first Fallow Zine, la Jachère is interested in contributions about the following topics, but not limited to them.

- Lazy tech or tech for the lazies
- Tech that falls into place, fits, is just enough
- Tech for rest, pause, have a break, take a breath
- Tech for preservation, of the status quo, of energy, of a moment, of equilibrium

More on jache.re/notes/call-fallow-zin

- Deadline: 21. June 2022 (more or less… deadlines are thresholds to play with)

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AMRO22 is starting very soon!
This edition is dedicated to the rituals and the philosophies of debugging.

DEBUG ↓→←UG ↓↓←●G
15th – 18th June 2022
Linz, Austria

The whole program will be online soon:


Possible Bodies feat. Dubravka Sekulić

01/06, 18:00CET
on-line conversation

Architect, theorist and educator Dubravka Sekulić joins us to discuss materials from Volumetric Regimes. Starting from "Rehearsal as the ‘Other’ to Hypercomputation" (Maria Dada), Dubravka will explore the political claim that Volumetric Regimes makes by differentiating between "Volume" and "Volumetrics".


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For those who enjoy frequent engagement with library systems in some form and/or have intimate knowledge of structuring digital files, we invite you to join us (@simoon and @manetta) during the Hold & Release Partyline (on Friday 10 + Saturday 11 of June at Varia, Rotterdam), where we will rethink library software, starting from Calibre. Can knowledge be held and released simultaneously? Subscription details and more information can be found here: varia.zone/en/hold-and-release

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Feminist Hack Meetings #6
How about access?

At Varia & Online
Saturday, 4 June 2022
11:00 to 14:00 CEST

This FHM session is for us to reconsider the accessibility of online realms. Artist-design duo will share their research and practice around accessibility in their talk called 'Shapeshifting Dreams: Practicing Towards Accessible Institutions'. After this presentation, we will continue with a hands-on workshop to experiment with tools and approaches that move us towards more inclusive ways of being together in online and hybrid spaces.

More info: varia.zone/en/fhm-6.html

To register: Mail to fhm@varia.zone mentioning the name of the event in the subject line.

@p_p @melt

At the tangible-cloud workshop, Adrien Payet just proposed to replace “let's put it in the cloud” with the more apt “let's put it in the capitalizer” 😁

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Hé les 🇧🇪 et particulièrement les 🐓 (wallons) de :mastodon: : une proposition de loi d'origine citoyenne est soumis à signature, qui vise à mettre en place des critères clairs et permanent de régularisation des sans-papiers.

C'est le minimum d'humanité qu'on doit accorder à ceux qui vivent à nos côtés, mais sans droits. Non?

Ça se passe là: https://dekamer.mijnopinie.belgium.be/initiatives/i-603%20

Et on peut trouver plus d'info sur https://inmyname.be

Merci de re-pouetter si vous avez des Belges parmi vos contacts.

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On the 23rd of May 18:30-20:00 CET, the cell for digital discomfort (Jara Rocha, Karl Moubarak, and myself) is organising a workshop as part of 2022!

A workshop session to map out each of our current conditions of connecting and being together, the physical-political, and technological conditions using a diagrammatic methodology.

The workshop is geared towards installing ourselves into the conference's infrastructural spectralities by sharing, learning from and attuning to each others' conditions for connectivity, online participation and basic computer-mediated mundane day-to-day life. We want to pose this affirmation as an initial trigger: installing is about situating — attuning to our network of (inter)dependencies and attuning to the dependencies with our local and vernacular but also standardized and planetary networks.


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"Appel à candidatures « Les solutions low-tech au service de la sobriété territoriale »

Une expérimentation low-tech est lancée sur le territoire de Concarneau Cornouaille Agglomération.

L’objectif est d’expérimenter de nouveaux fonctionnements d’organisations et de développement des low-tech à l’échelle d’un territoire.
L’accompagnement est réalisé par l’association Low-tech Lab et un bureau d’étude spécialisé dans la coopération et l’intelligence collective.
Le financement de l’accompagnement n’est pas à la charge des candidats."


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We are hiring a postdoc (2 years) on digital activism as part of SHAPE - Shaping Digital Democracy, questioning the normalisation of digital technology and imagining better or more inclusive futures. The person will work closely with me and Christian Ulrik Andersen. More: au.dk/om/stillinger/job/postdo (get in touch if you are interested)
//Whether corporate or state-controlled, the digitisation of the citizen often gives rise to opposition, critique and search for alternatives beyond a focus on maximising profits or immediate convenience. Digital activism is here understood as software and network-related practices that address mass digitisation itself, including power asymmetries, societal issues and social injustices in a broad sense (rather than the use of digital media as a means for activism or participation in social movements). Eg include when citizens choose non-commercial Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS), encrypted search engines, or self-hosted servers and applications; when they develop new tools and services that draw attention to or circumvent mass digitisation; or simply when they choose to opt out. A distinctive feature of a sustainable democracy is its ability to accommodate such activism that questions the normalisation of digital technology and imagines better or more inclusive futures. //

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Do you have a room, a couch or a flat in #Linz that you can make available from 15th to 19th of June?

By hosting #AMRO participants you can encounter interesting people from all around Europe and support your local community festival :)

Fill up the form! https://k4.servus.at/apps/forms/NrrDZtoCofMdQLCJ

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